Jan 7, 2011

Texas Serenity

Concluding an era and opening another – after a northern white Christmas, we headed south for the southern comfort and peace to celebrate the new year with a wonderful great people. Not only it concludes the holidays but probably our travels, at least for a while.

Faitfield Lake TX State Park

Great Start to a Great Year

We met Chef Serena online. She was one of the first followers of this blog, and stayed “loyal” to this day. We exchanged emails, recipes, blog ideas and even phone calls along the way, and we said that if we are in the area – we will come and visit.
Chef Serena wants to become a full time RVer herself. Her and Rusty (her husband) are dreaming about that day for quite some time now. They already picked the RV, the first campground and the color of the keychain of the truck they are going to get.
Patti, on the other hand, is very much into cooking, and in the last few years Patti is eager to learn all that she can about cooking. Techniques, Nutrition facts, International Cuisine, Spices and flavors, the magic chemistry of baking and practically anything revolving around food.
So it was just natural that this is meeting was going to happen.
Patti shows Serena the ThermomixFriday, December 31st, 2010 – We arrived late afternoon on to the Farmer’s house – what they call an upside-down tree house – a gorgeous home with a wrap-around deck and views from all around. The second floor of this house is Huge kitchen, a dining room and a living room (The living quarters are downstairs – hence upside down) – I think this is a great choice as the woods and views are simply amazing.
Serena in her kingdomWith us, another couple of friends came (Romero and Lana) and between the wine, the Bourbon and the champagne – we had lots of fun and a great dinner too!

Party Non Stop

Serena Presents the MealSaturday, January 1st, 2011 – On New years day we drove over to Serena’s house again, to have a traditional southern meal together with Rusty, Romero and Lana.We had Black Eyed Peas for luck and cabbage for money. Oh – I love cabbage! (is that how you say it)?
Black Eyed Peas for LuckOf course that was not the whole meal.. There was stuffed chicken (2 kinds) and sweet potatoes and freshly baked dinner rolls and plenty drinks. We stayed late and talked and had nothing but great time!
Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 – Quick Breakfast in Buffalo at a local Mexican restaurant and from there we continued to the RV. Serena and Rusty wanted to see first hand how does an RV that looks like when people actually live in it. How clattered it is, and how much living space you have. Patti gave Serena a tour inside in every room and cabinet and I showed Rusty what it takes to hook and un-hook the unit from the outside.

We have new friends

NewYear_2011 004So you got the point, right? We became good friends with Serena and Rusty and I am sure we will have our ways crossed again. During  the week we met couple more times drove to see a Fairfield Lake State Park, and Patti drove with Serena to visit one of the biggest wineries in TX (and came back with 4 bottles)

We can’t wait for Serena and Rusty to sell their house, get the RV and fulfill their dream, and I am sure we will have some trips together!

Taking a break

This is a tough part for me even to write about, and I am not so sure I know even how to eat this one. Many people live their everyday life and dreaming about the day they will be able to take off and live an adventurous life in an RV. And then the day comes and they actually sell the house get an RV and getting ready for the moment that they drive off their drive way and never look back.
imageIt didn’t happen to us this way. When we started RVing, we did not plan or even dream becoming full timers. I don’t think we even knew that people are living like that. It took us some months to experience it and fall in love with RVing to the point we decided to continue this life style out of choice.
VisitedStatesMap20110110Now – that is the opposite. Since we got laid off a year ago, Patti is struggling with a job. We had couple opportunities in CA last winter, but it did not come through. Patti tried to help me with what I am doing – but this is not her specialty and comfort zone. Last spring we stopped in KS for an interview (The beginning of our Route 66 tour) and since then the company was in touch with Patti on and off until last month they decided that they want to work with her.
So here we are, driving to KS and settling down for a while. Not sure how, for how long, and how it is going to be. This is a big shift for me. Big? Naah. – HUGE! It took me some time to get used to this new life style, some more time to fall in love with it, and even more time to actually be proud and brag about it. Winter in CA, Spring on the PCH and summer in Alaska – this plan is going back to the drawer for now.
We are not going to rent a place, at least not to start with, We will still continue to live in the RV and get some short trips to local attractions when we can. We hope that the new company will let Patti telecommute at least part time, so we can combine her new job with out passion, but I know that sooner or later we will come back to Full Time RVing, We loved it so much and it actually fir our lifestyle perfectly.

And what about the blog?

I don’t know – if you would like me to continue – I will! I promise. but if you are not so excited about reading a blog of an RVer wannabe, just say nothing. I will get the hint Smile If you prefer, you can contact me directly at mottych@gmail.com. I will be more than happy to hear from you. Either way, I would post at least once more, to let you know.
So to all of my good friends Full Timer RVers – I am jealous but – I will be back!


  1. Keep blogging - we are interested.

  2. Of course we want to know how things are going. How will we know if Patti is copacetic in her new job, unless you tell us? Being rooted to one spot can be very trying for a traveler (I know only too well). You need to be able to vent frustrations before they become monstrous. What could be better for you than blowing your stack online, rather than at each other?

    Being stationary for a bit allows one to actually modify the 5th wheel, customize things, tear out the useless and replace with the useful -- we're gluttons for DIY projects in this community.

    We want to know how Patti's health is doing, and yours. We are always interested in anything you may tell us about the kids. How they are doing in school, etc. You have far more to write about than you even know. And, as I suggested above, this is a valuable tool to keep your general frustration level in check.

    I know you have been hesitant to comment on the passing circus we call a political system in this country. Still, the observations of an outsider can be very valuable for shedding light on our foibles. We need to be held up to critical examination now and again.

    So just drop your frequency to once a month or so, but keep us informed. Surely, Patti has things to add as she continues to grow in experience while cooking. Carry your camera with you to the supermarket or down to the city park - who knows what you may spy. You have a gift, Motty - keep on using it.

  3. Keep blogging...... some of us are still wannabe full timers........ even part timers instead of just weekenders................ I blog about our experiences............ :)

  4. Whatever happens...keep blogging!! We care....

  5. Just read your blog for the first time. Keep it up. We are only wannabe's at this point and would be interested to know if you revert back to sticks and brick or crave to hit the road. Best of luck!!