Jan 30, 2011

Childhood Memories

Another couple days with my family, enjoying the sun, the beautiful beaches and the great moments in those old known places. So many memories came back in the last few days – unbelievable!
Eilat 046
My brother and his wife, and their new born sonSaturday, January 29th, 2011 – This is a sad stage in life. Your parents are still alive but getting older in front of your eyes. Shutting down. They are still here, but they are not what they used to be. I don’t know how much longer do I have to be with them and see them, and many thoughts are going through my mind, but the main thing is – I want to be with them and spend time with them as much as I can. Especially because I don’t live here in Israel. I know I am going to miss them, and this is a sad thought.
Amit and Raz (Bira) her boyfriendAnyways – today was the last day of Raz (Amit’s boyfriend) with us. He had to fly back to the base. They woke up late again and by the time they were ready to go, my dad already called and told us they are going to the beach with my brother and his wife and baby. I haven’t seen my nephew yet (he is only 2 months old) so that was an exciting meeting for us.
The North Beach in EilatWe met everybody at my favorite Café (Zion Beach) on the North Western corner of the beach. It is amazing looking around and comparing this place to what it was 30 years ago. It was rocky beach with no hotels, no stores, just wild nature. A set of swings on the beach, and once in a while Johnny the popsicle guy would pass with the cooler on his shoulder and shout his popsicle rhymes. Family Picture in EilatToday – the whole beach area is crowded with giant hotels one fancier than the other. The Board Walk became a synonym to Eilat and a place for young people to buy crafts and beach fashion. The Marina was built with new bridge and multi million yachts are parking at the docks. The city grew ten folds in the last ten years, but the heart is still there, and this old Café is one of the oldest establishment in the area. Used to be a shack with palm branches for a shade, and today it is a newer modern building – but it is the same place.
Ate late lunch and early dinner and talked with Alon, my brother and his wife. When it was time to go – Patti dropped Raz at the airport and we drove back home.
Family gathering at the ReefSunday, January 30th, 2011 – It wasn’t before noon that we were all ready to go. There is something in teenagers that makes them sleep late. I was the same way.
Sea Platter at the Dolphin ReefAfter another late start this morning, I thought it would be a great idea to spend the day at the… Beach – of course! but this time we chose the Dolphin Reef. This is a pearl in the south western side of the shore close to the coral beach towards the border with Egypt. The Dolphin Reef BeachThere are actually Dolphins that swim free in this beach and play with the divers and swim along. We had a great dinner on the beach and watched the sea, the mountains and the dolphins, sitting all of us together and digging up memories from my childhood. Just another relaxing day with my family.


  1. You know you aren't going to want to leave!! I wouldn't. Fresh seafood, Fresh air, beaches and oceans, friends and family. And you have to fly back to Kansas???? So happy y'all are having a wonderful time ♥ The high on Wed. will be below freezing. Think about us~~~~

  2. I am very glad that you are having a great time. These meetings with your family will become precious one day. Create lots of memorable times.

  3. If I were you I would extend my stay a couple weeks, Kansas and MO are supposed to have two days of freezing rain and then 15 or more inches of snow,better check with the airlines before you leave.I know what you mean about what you are going through seeing your parents age, My Dad died early, but it seemed I watched my Mom go from a pretty young women to an aged and infirm old lady. it is tough, but i guess we all go through this stage of life, I'm glad though we had her as long as we did.Be safe out there, enjoy your time with family. Always tell them you love them each time you part, even if your just going to the store.your friends Sam & Donna.