Aug 27, 2010


While most of the time it is real fun living in an RV, sometimes it can be a challenge. This is what happened this morning when we didn’t follow the code. We laugh now, but it wasn’t so funny earlier today

Aug 25, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I go now

The wedding is over and our grand daughters are back home. We are finally FREE again. So we planned to go south early this year, but as soon as we get ready to go, everybody around us want us to stay. We are here for 2 months – and no one calls, but now – they do. So we are debating. After all no one is waiting for us, and September is not that bad in the mid-west, so we might stay for couple more weeks.

Aug 17, 2010

One year, Full Circle and a Two month break

Hard to believe it has been two full moths since my last post – so much has happened since then it feels as if it was ions away… Maybe this is the nature of summer, or maybe it is the many changes we have gone through. Either way – I am glad you are still here, with me. And if you are new to my blog – Welcome aboard! It was last July when we first started our journey right here in the mid-west. And it was this July when we are back here in the mid-west closing a full circle around the country, and around our life.