Aug 25, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I go now

The wedding is over and our grand daughters are back home. We are finally FREE again. So we planned to go south early this year, but as soon as we get ready to go, everybody around us want us to stay. We are here for 2 months – and no one calls, but now – they do. So we are debating. After all no one is waiting for us, and September is not that bad in the mid-west, so we might stay for couple more weeks.

Still on the delta

Saturday, August 21st, 2010 – It was this Saturday that Patti's youngest son got married. I did not know anyone there, so for me it was just a great day to spend with my daughter.  We left at about 10:00pm and drove all the way from Duluth to the cities to drop my daughter, and back the Delta Lake – where we currently live. It was 5:00am when we finally got home and fell on the bed.

Happy Birthday to me

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 – On the way home last night it was already after midnight, so we decided to stop for a restaurant and eat something for my birthday. Problem is – everything is closed in this part of the world. I was starving (I didn't like the food at the wedding so much). After the short night sleep last night we had a late start for the day. Patti wanted to cook a meal for me, but we didn’t have any groceries at home, so we decided to go to town to look for a store. Iron River has one small grocery store, but it is closed on Sundays, so the next closest town is Ashland, some 30 miles away. It was already after 4:00pm in the afternoon, and Patti said it is too late. By the time we get the groceries, come home and cook, it is going to be after 8:00pm. We decided to look for a restaurant and go out. SNAGHTML68dedb
Nice idea. Ashland – a town on the Superior lake shore must have some restaurants. We know that, but they don’t. There are two or three restaurants in town, and the best one we could find is… Panda Express… So we went out to eat… Chinese buffet :) To be honest – wasn’t so bad for a buffet – the food was pretty decent, but still – it is a Chinese fast food joint after all.
Done eating, went to Wal-Mart – our all time favorite store, and came back home. End of Day. Next year – another Birthday. And oh – I forgot to tell you – I am 23. Again.

Planning to go south

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 – We have been here in the med-west area for two months now. We arrived to ‘Happy-Ours’ just before Independence day, stayed there till the end of July, and moved to Delta Lake. We are here in the area since then. Before we got here we thought we will be so busy with family and visits, but nada. They all just said they are so excited we  are coming, but when we were actually here – no one called or came. Jeffrey (Patti’s son) came to visit couple times, but that’s about it. So now that the wedding is over, we decided to go south early this year, before the snow and cold nights arrive.
DeltaLake 006
The plan was to have my second daughter come and visit me from Israel before she joins the army, have some fun on the way south and when she returns to Israel continue to TX and visit Serena. Chef Serena is a blog follower, we got closer since she first started to follow my blog. After TX we planned to continue to the AZ/CA border area for the winter. We started to say good byes to the people around us, and then everybody wakes up – oh, you are leaving? so soon? we thought you would stay more… Hey guys - where have you been in the last couple months? We came here and parked here just to be with you…
On the other hand – the south will not run away, and if we stay a little longer – nothing will happen. Better late then never. So we are thinking. Maybe we will stay a little longer after all. It is nice here in the campground and we love it here. Out motto is – Plan not to plan – that’s what we are famous for, right? Will see…
DeltaLake 003

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