Dec 31, 2010

And I couldn’t ask for more

Like magical life circles – another end and another beginning. It’s all about Summaries and Plans, Conclusions and Resolutions projecting Past into Future and making everything better. Isn’t it? After wonderful holiday season we are back South under the warm pleasant sun getting ready to start a new year, curious what secrets does it hold and what surprises that it hide.

Dec 19, 2010

The SEW circle

Sew? What is that you are probably thinking. Well, not so exciting as you might think.. The is the Sleep Eat Work Circle. This could be good for a short period of time, but this circle is doomed to get broken one way or another

Dec 10, 2010

8 Days of Joy

Yesterday was the last day of Chanukah. – the festival of lights – the holiday of miracles. It is a special time for us, as we eat the special Chanukah doughnuts (Sufganiot), the potato pancakes (Latkes) and light the menorah each night.