Dec 10, 2010

8 Days of Joy

Yesterday was the last day of Chanukah. – the festival of lights – the holiday of miracles. It is a special time for us, as we eat the special Chanukah doughnuts (Sufganiot), the potato pancakes (Latkes) and light the menorah each night.

2010-12-01 Chanukkah

Moving day

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 – That’s it – today is the day we are moving out of KY. The destination – Memphis area. Why? don’t know/ It is further west, and since we need to drive north for the holidays it brings us closer to 35 and not much south. Patti found a campground west of Memphis in a town named… well.. West Memphis. That’s a creative name :) but ut is actually in AR on the Mississippi river just across the border from TN.

And moving and moving

WestMemphisAR 011The packing and driving were eventless. smooth. we arrived after dark to Tom Sawyer’s RV Park. and tried to look for a spot to park. We drove around the park maybe 3 or 4 times looking at all the available sites and options. After reading the notes from the owner, we picked a gravel site (The padded one are more expensive) close to the Wi-Fi Antenna. In the morning Patti went to pay for the stay and found out that this area is only for daily rates. Weekly and Monthly are on a different area. They could have said that when we called, or mention it on the brochure...

Packing again and moving to look for a new site. We found one site that looked somewhat secluded and level, and parked the RV. hooked everything up and as I was finishing the sewer hookup I heard Patti calling me  from inside. What’s wrong? I asked. “No TV” said Patti. Trees are blocking the view. Moving again. This time to an open space in the middle of the park. Problem is the site was not level. So much un level that even though I lowered the front as mush as possible, the unit was still not level. Hook up again, raising the legs couple more notches and unhooking. the truck in the 4th time … Exodus was easier!

Work around the lights

Friday, December 10th, 2010 – Chanukkah 012It was 8 days of Joy. The joy of work… This time of the year you would expect some slow down but I am still busy. So for the most part I sat down and worked, but every evening it was so nice to have this break, get up, light the candle and say the blessing, eat wonderful dinner and all those Chanukah treats that Patti made. This includes doughnuts, Latkes and every day a festive meal with the spirit of the holiday. Definitely something to be waiting for every day.

In couple weeks we will be driving to MN for Christmas, and by the end of the year we will finally continue our trip south for the winter. Away from sub freezing temperatures.


Chanukkah 010

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