Mar 27, 2011

Signs of Spring

The sun and the rain have chased each other all week long at the top of the Santa Ana mountains here in the Trabuco region. The unusual amount of rain filled the lakes, accelerated the rivers and painted the whole area with green. So this weekend we had to take a bite and taste the great flavors and colors around us.

Mar 24, 2011

Rainy week in SoCal

It has been rainy most of the week this week here on the San Juan mountains Region. We resumed into maintenance mode, and still not done with it. Typical maintenance week of a fifth wheel RV and Truck,

Mar 18, 2011

Pacific Weekend

What a perfect ending to a busy work week – Patti my lovely wife – has prepared a wonderful Shabbat Dinner for us, Baked Challah, lighted the candles and joined me to welcome Shabbat.

Mar 17, 2011

Time flies

Unbelievable, tomorrow is already Friday! staying here and working all week and the time flies around us just by itself. Winter left behind, time moved ahead, and the earth is still turning. Hope to get some excitement this weekend, wait and see.

Mar 14, 2011

The full Version

Happy ending the the campground story, but just before that let me tell you they it had to get worse before it got better. At least I can sit now at the comfort of my office, and post the blog from my laptop. So here is the story of the camp and the weekend and everything in between


I knew I may use the android Blogger one day... we are in CA since Friday in a gorgeous park in southern CA but no internet and very poor phone signal. No TV either...
We will have to figure out what to do tomorrow morning since we have to have internet here. I don't understand why this is always an issue. It is as important as water and electricity and the infrastructure is not so expensive. Why can't we expect to have high quality reliable internet at the campground just like hotels. It is always a challenge.

So just a short update until I can post a normal blog.. just had the greatest time with my son this w/e my daughter did not join, I guess she had more important things to do (i know, what can I say...)

This coming week I am going to be swamped with work, but next w/e we plan some hiking in the area, so fun is coming.  Will keep you posted

Mar 11, 2011

Inside a Movie

I was actually an actor in an action movie today. Not in a major role, just a statistics, except it wasn’t a movie, it was real this time. And if that is not enough we also were the actual players in a balance game where you need to cross rivers on a log of wood and if you fall you get wet. how is it called? Avatar?

Mar 9, 2011

Sedona I

The more we stay in this area and look around, the more we find how many amazing places are there still to explore. Hikes, Canyons, Views and Energy Vortex – all around this area. This is a place to come back to – so full of attractions. Just spent another day outdoors and hoping to be able to explore once more before we move.

Mar 5, 2011

Sedona Intro

After countless recommendations from friends, we have decided to swing by Sedona before we move to California for what has left from the winter and the beginning of spring. It turned out good since it stretched our 10th anniversary celebration over 3 days.

Mar 1, 2011

Follow a follower with custofriend

What are the odds that in the middle of the desert you will find someone that follows a blog of someone you know, and at the same time you will be with a custofriend or is it a frientomer?