Oct 29, 2009

Luray! we are here

The adventure begins

Wednesday 10/28/2009 - We have been in our first campground for a few days, and have settled in. We already called the insurance to put a claim for the RV accident we had, and they came right away and took pictures and measurements. We are very happy with our insurance so far (Progressive) – they work with us and our plans and try to get the RV fixed in one of our destinations. We agreed to get the RV fixed in Alabama, where we planned to stay for a few weeks.

Oct 23, 2009

All the beginnings are hard

We had a rough start.

Hit the Road Mud

Friday 10/23/2009 - So we are at our friend’s winery, having good time and getting ready to leave. We stayed there couple days camping on his yard on the grass. Time to say good bye’s, we make sure the boat is covered and everything is packed, loaded and ready to go.

The beginning - From Vineyard to B&B to RV

It all begun about a year ago, at the end of 2008, in central MN.

Wine, don’t Whine

Friday 10/23/2009 - An old friend of ours from PA introduced us to a friend of his, thinking we may be able to work together on a winery in North Eastern PA. The idea fell on us like a thunder on a sunny day. Winery? Us? we know nothing about it...

We didn't throw the idea away. We slept on it few days, and I think that the idea fell in a perfect time. Our dog breeding kennel did not succeed as the recession started and people didn't buy. We sadly had to close the doors and sell all our dogs for pennies. We were somewhat tired from our long career in IT, so we thought that this might be a not be a bad idea after all. We can help with business management, administration, computerizing the business and develop a web site, while helping in the field work. We even thought to open a small bistro on site, and embed Patti's passion for cooking.