Oct 23, 2009

All the beginnings are hard

We had a rough start.

Hit the Road Mud

Friday 10/23/2009 - So we are at our friend’s winery, having good time and getting ready to leave. We stayed there couple days camping on his yard on the grass. Time to say good bye’s, we make sure the boat is covered and everything is packed, loaded and ready to go.

It was a rainy day, a perfect reason to change location. I get in our F-250 and slowly try to start moving, but our 2 wheel truck on the muddy grass refused to move. RoughStarts
We got stuck in the mud for almost a whole day. Jon, my friend, tried to pull us out with his truck but we did not go too far. So Jon had to call a good friend who came with a HUGE tractor and finally we were on the road excited to start our trip to 'the south'.

Hit The Road RV

Our RV just came out of the shop, after fixing some dents I made in my first attempts to drive it, and we were happy it was just like new, but now it was full of mud. I thought I will stop at the first chance I have and get it cleaned.
We took highway 220 south of the endless mountains region heading towards VA. We had to stop for gas on the way and I am sure you had that so many times before – The gage is under the red and no gas station. With this RV behind, the gas was vanishing at an amazing pace of 7 miles per gallon, and I can’t find a gas station… I finally found one at the bottom of the hill, and pulled in, but it was closed down… Just wasted some gas for nothing. Back to the highway driving down the road waiting for the engine to stop, but there was another gas station coming up – Yay, I might be saved after all.
BrokenTailgateAs I was pulling into the gas station, I heard a strange sound that I didn’t like so much. I stopped immediately and went to look around to see what happened. As if the morning wasn’t bad enough – I found that the tailgate latch broke somehow and the gate opened and tore the front storage doors. Ouch! We just had it fixed and now it is broken again..
We will not let it break us! We tried to stay positive as much as we can, ?It will get better – It has to! we promised ourselves.

Hit the Road. Finally.

At the evening we arrived to our first stop – The Country Waye campground in Luray, VA near Shenandoah national park. It took us some time to find it and we had to turn around on those narrow roads few times (and I did it VERY carefully this time). but we finally got there. We found a friendly campground in a great location. It is very close to Luray caverns and not so far from the national park. It has the convenience of feeling out in the woods, but actually 10 minutes from a WAL-MART...
The Country Way RV campground

One thing we learnt though – We have try and get to a new campground earlier, when there is still light to find our spot and get hooked up comfortable. Lesson #1.

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