Feb 24, 2010

Sweet and Savory

So sweet – we actually earned the world famous Sugar Doll award, you are all invited to the ceremony! Also, you will find an interesting recipe for a typical Israeli dish (hence Savory). so enjoy!

Feb 22, 2010

The last of the Mohicans moved on

Eventful weekend – The last of the Mohicans (also know as Moe) is in his new home – we are  happy and sad at the same time. We moved our new (3rd) site, and we just had a great weekend with my kids here in So Cal. read all about it, it is all right here.

Feb 17, 2010

Settling in CA

Not much happened this week since we arrived California. We traveled a lot… from one site to another, but other than that – not much. Looking forward for the W/E

Feb 14, 2010

Weekend of Friendship and Love

Wow, what a great weekend it was. I will carry these memories with me for a long time! Got so much to write, and so many pictures to show, hope you will have the patience to read all of that! and in the end, hmmm I am not sure if I can tell…

Feb 11, 2010

Romancing the stone

Trying to catch up with work and errands for couple days, but the weather is just too good to sit inside the RV. The stories about snow storms in Dallas sound here like a remote fairy tale, sitting in sunny days in A/C reading about the cold. So when the outdoors calls me – I go! And this time we went to…

Feb 8, 2010

Skipping the Q

Been a little while since I posted my last blog, but for good and for bad, I think I have a little more time on my hands now, so I will try to catch up a little. We planned to stay at Quartzsite, but changed our mind in the very last minute, so we are in… 

Feb 7, 2010

Benson Tales

Slowly getting used to the new Routine: Work during the week, and enjoy the weekends. It brings remote memories from the past, this odd life style. I find out that there are other people that actually do that, so I am in a good company :)

Feb 3, 2010

Falling behind

This last couple weeks are very unusual. I am working around the clock to please a customer and pretty much putting everything else aside. This is not the best approach but I get a lot of pressure. uffff

Feb 1, 2010

Great Weekend in Deming NM

After a stressful week we had a relaxing weekend. The weather was perfect, and we just had great time, charging our batteries for the next coming week. We visited some nice parks, tasted good wine, and are ready to move on