Feb 7, 2010

Benson Tales

Slowly getting used to the new Routine: Work during the week, and enjoy the weekends. It brings remote memories from the past, this odd life style. I find out that there are other people that actually do that, so I am in a good company :)

Here comes the weekend

Saturday, February 6, 2010 – The week has gone by very fast. Between the conference calls, the programming and the daily errands I have noticed that the date on my computer has changed few times, and finally it indicated that it is a weekend!
When you work through the week, your expectations and anticipations from this short break are gaining importance. Before that – there was no big difference between a weekday and a weekend. We  travelled anytime we wanted! So we had big expectation and a long wish list for this couple days.
Initially we wanted to go to Bisbee and get the license plates of our RV that somehow got detached from our RV and were found there on the ground. Then, visit Tombstone, and get together with Jerry and Suzy again. For Sunday – we wanted to go to a cave close by, and to the Saguaro National Park. Full weekend planned!
But plans usually don't go well with us. We got used to it. We plan just so that we have some reference we can change…

Saguaro National Park

Pronounce Sa-WAH-row
Patti checked the weather, and found out that Sunday is going to rain. So we switched the days.
Packed our GPS, the cameras (Didn’t take Moe this time – National Parks do not like dogs!) and drove towards Tucson, where the park is located. When it comes to describing natural beauty, I feel I do not have the language richness, and adequate vocabulary to describe this amazing beauty, so instead of finding superlatives – I think pictures tell a much better story. I encourage you to look at this slide show from start to end, there are some nice pictures there.

Good time with our friends Jerry and Suzy

We came back in a perfect time for dinner and what could be better than having dinner with friends. We met Jerry and Suzy at Palatiamos – a local Italian/American/Greek family restaurant on 4th street. If you haven’t been to Benson – there is one thing you need to know – everything is on 4th street. Stores, restaurants, bars, gas stations, so it is easy to get around.
They did have a very nice menu and served big portions. The waitress decided that I have a coffee drinker look (although I did not drink coffee) and gave me a special treatment - At least she made me feel that way :)
We had really great time with this lovely couple (over 50 years together and counting!) and were invited again for some home made desert and coffee. Unfortunately we could not stay long, as Patti got a migraine and her head was pounding, so we headed back home, closing a wonderful day,

Solo Day

It is very rare that Patti and I are not together. Since we met, 10 years ago, we are almost always together anywhere we go. Today, Patti woke up and the migraine was still there (I hope it will go by tomorrow), so exploring was out of the question.
Since we had to take the license plate from Bisbee before we leave town, I suggested that I will drive by myself, while Patti will rest and take the day easy.

Colorful start to a rainy day

The rain was on the way, and since we are leaving tomorrow anyways, I folded the awning, the outside chairs and table and the dog bed, and put it in storage. As soon as I was done packing up – the rain started! How lucky is that? With the last rays of morning sun Patti has captured a beautiful rainbow just outside the door
Benson2Bisbee 003

Benson to  Bisbee and Back

I took my camera (just in case) and drove down to Bisbee. It rained from time to time, but overall the drive was smooth and easy. I stopped couple times on the way down to take some picture (and some while driving – don’t tell).

Find Peace in Tombstone

Benson2Bisbee 032On the way back, as I was driving through the old town of Tombstone, I noticed that by the Boothill Trading Post on the way out of town there was a small sign that reads:
Jewish Memorial
Being Jewish, I was curious to know what it is, and I stopped by to take a look. This town was home for many trouble makers in the past, and many of the graves have weird and somewhat funny signs to them, most dated to the end of the 19th century.
At the bottom of the graveyard there was a separated fenced area with a big star of david and on top of it, in decorated Hebrew letters, the word SHALOM which means Peace in Hebrew. It looks like no one even knew what it meant… They were amazed that someone from Israel stopped there and actually knew how to read it.
Benson2Bisbee 046
Here are some pictures from Tombstone and this old graveyard:
Benson2Bisbee 022 Benson2Bisbee 024
Benson2Bisbee 027 Benson2Bisbee 031
Benson2Bisbee 053 Benson2Bisbee 048
And that’s about it for this week.
Came back, worked a little more, sat down to write this blog, and now I am going to catch up a little with reading blogs and Facebook. So until next time…
Oh – BTW, I am planning to post a new recipe in the Israeli food series shortly. I think it is going to be Shakshuka. I will wait for Patti to feel better so I can take some pictures as she makes it.


  1. Hope Patti feels better!I have been to Tombstone and have some of the same pictures as you!! Funny:) Look forward to your recipe! Don't work too hard! Life is short!

  2. Motty, we certainly enjoyed getting together with you guys again! It was too bad Patti got the migraine, and we hope she is better today. Your visit to Tombstone was brief but memorable. We enjoy old graveyards and must visit that one someday. The pictures from Saguaro National park are splendid, and your captions are right on! Go, Motty!