Feb 11, 2010

Romancing the stone

Trying to catch up with work and errands for couple days, but the weather is just too good to sit inside the RV. The stories about snow storms in Dallas sound here like a remote fairy tale, sitting in sunny days in A/C reading about the cold. So when the outdoors calls me – I go! And this time we went to…

Thursday, February 11, 2010 – The weather just can’t get better than that. Yellow bright sun is warming the desert floor to a pleasant 70’s, making it a perfect day to go outside and wonder. Instead I sit inside and wonder why I am not outside…

At the footsteps of…

CrystalMountain 003 After a great success this morning with work, we decided to get out and look around. Since our friend Al from The Bayfield Bunch is in this area too – we have the perfect tour guide. With pictures (Good ones) all we need to do is open his blog and choose a destination. Patti who also reads Al’s blog every day, already knew – we are going to the Crystal Mountain!
You know the drill – getting the map loaded into the GPS, some water in the backpack, camera, hat and hop we go. The AZ border is 1 mile away from Blythe. You know you are in AZ since the gas prices drop from 3.19 to 2.69

Nothing left :(

CrystalMountain 007 We drove through RV-City again and headed south on world famous 95 – the ‘Q-uma’ road. after about 8 miles there was a sign to the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge Area, and a dirt road leading west. We though – our life is wild anyways, so what the hack… We flew at 45 mph over all the bumps and after about 6 more miles, just around a camping area (no one was there) we saw the Crystal mountain. The mountain used to be covered with good precious gems, diamonds, gold and money, but the Bayfields took it all. They only left one little Crystal for us to find.
CrystalMountain 016 We grabbed our hiking sticks (the ones we bought from the Mexicans at Big Bend, remember?) and started our Journey up the hill. about 400 Ft climb, and half a mile, we were at the top. Patti was looking all around for Crystal (Her Daughter’s name) but she wasn’t there. She did find couple crystals instead though. I tried to absorb the power of the creation standing at the top of the mountain looking down at the desert valley that seem endless. The power of the endless grounds with the strength of the silence are causing waves of energy to go through my body. That is when I feel the closest to the creation, to the creator, to God.
We stayed there for a while, took some pictures and absorbed all we could, and started the descent slowly back to the car. Drove back to the campground, and had enough time to take Moe for a sunset walk.
Here are couple more pictures from today (Click to enlarge):
CrystalMountain 089CrystalMountain 121
CrystalMountain 127CrystalMountain 002
CrystalMountain 096CrystalMountain 093

More about campgrounds

Laurie (from Semi-True Tales of Our Life on the Road )had a great idea, but it will take some time to do it right – Create a Wiki-Camp – a web site where readers can add campground and categorize them based on a mutli-dimension criteria such as Type, target-audience, Layout, Price range, Clubs, etc.
I love this idea, and I will try to give it a shot.


  1. Go, Motty! Another thing that varies widely by camper, but is very important to us: how is the cell coverage? Phones work? Aircard? How about WiFi available in the park: free? fee? strong and reliable, or a disaster?

    When Odel and I tried to put our "campsite desires" into priority order yesterday, we found that access to the internet has moved up pretty close to the top! You can tell from our campsite reviews what we look for - I think our needs/wants/desires are close to yours. :)

  2. Motty, if anyone can put together such a Wiki-Camp, you can do it! When you get it perfected it will allow each participant to select the style of camping he/she prefers, and amenities they like, etc., then they can have all the camp sites sorted by those preferences! Automatically.

    We know what you mean about Al and Kelly - we find that they have gone ahead of us and have already taken the good pictures, and we end up with the leftovers. Darn them anyway.

  3. Glad you guys made it out to Crystal Hill. Did you see all the diamonds & gold nuggets laying on the ground just north of the summit. They all looked so pretty in the sunlight we decided not to take any home:)) Great pics & story. Don't miss the Palm Canyon hike. A lot of emeralds lying around in the dry creek bed.....:))