Feb 22, 2010

The last of the Mohicans moved on

Eventful weekend – The last of the Mohicans (also know as Moe) is in his new home – we are  happy and sad at the same time. We moved our new (3rd) site, and we just had a great weekend with my kids here in So Cal. read all about it, it is all right here.

Moving again

Thursday, February 18, 2010 – Today we moved again (3rd and last time) in this campground, and this new site is great. The site is at the east side of the campground, and we park alongside the road with great views and very big roomy and private (as private as a campground can get) site. We are happy, as this is going to be our home for the next two and a half weeks. SoCal 008
The views from our site are nice:
SoCal 003

Good Bye Moe

Later today we drove to Harvey (Patti’s brother) and Allison, together with Moe. We are actually going to give Mow away today. Lot's of thoughts re going through are mind, and great memories. We love Moe very much, and as much as we wanted to leave Moe with us, we feel it is not fair to Moe. He is not adjusting to RV life, and always nervous, alert and growling or barking. He never used to be like that, and we we lived on our farm in MN or PA he was as happy as can be.
We packed all his toys, dishes, beds, leashes and food, and drove about 2 hours (bad traffic) to Harvey’s house. Needless to say they were extremely happy – they were waiting for Mow for sometime now, and finally he got there.
SoCal 005 Moe is VERY people friendly and dogs friendly, and he fits right in. He was very happy to be untied in the much bigger house and yard, with all the attention he got. He was playful and made his bean jumps of glee that are so typical to boxers.
After a nice long visit, and a great Home Made Pizza dinner, it was time for good bye. Patti was strong, and did not cry. At least not at that moment.
The way back was kinda sad, and we were both in our thoughts. but the next morning was even harder.

Sad morning

Friday, February 19, 2010 – I woke up first. Lately I do, since Patti is not sleeping so well. She wakes up at night with pain, so she sleeps a little longer in the mornings. Every morning when I wake up, Moe is immediately shakes up, waiting for me outside the bedroom and wages his tail, greeting me. I will be honest – not every morning I had the energies to play with him, and sometime I know I disappointed him, but he never gave up. Every morning he was there for me, waiting and greeting me with positive endless energy. But this morning he was not there. It was too quiet and lonely. This is the saddest moment I had since Moe left. It hits you when you miss those little moments that became almost a routine and now that are gone.
I know, I know he is happy and we did the right thing for him. I am not regretting, but a little sad. That’s natural, isn’t it?

Weekend with the kids

Saturday, February 20, 2010 – Today I went to pick up my youngest kids – Gal (12) and Maya (14). They live in Mission Viejo in Orange County, about 2 hours drive from here, with their mother.
The know I was on my way to South CA for some time, and they track my journey impatiently, until I finally got here, so they are excited and so am I.
I took the Ortego highway (hwy 74) from Lake Elsinore through Cleveland National park. The road climbs just above the town and the views from the top are amazing. I couldn’t help it, stopped and took some pictures, than later stitched them to a panoramic view:
SoCal 030

The Geocaching Bug

SoCal 035 We were extremely happy to meet again, and looking forward to have some fun together. On the way back I told them about the geocaching adventures we were doing lately and they wanted to try it. We had Patti’s iPhone with us, with the geocaching app loaded on it, so all we had to do is to stop somewhere on the way, click a button and get a list of the the caches around us. Pretty cool, huh?

Tight sleeping

As of some of you already know, our RV is relatively new to us. This one we got only couple months ago, and there are many improvements we want to add to it. One of them on the list is a sleeper sofa and a dinette, but all expenses are on freeze now. So… I stopped at Wal-Mart and got couple air mattresses. You can imagine how is it to put two twin mattresses on a floor of an RV. If you can’t – here is how it looks:
SoCal 039
Sunday, February 21, 2010 – Woke up late. You know how teenagers are. Great to wake up and have the kids around. It tool us some time to get the rig into shape, get some plans for the day, print some geocaches and get going. I just forgot to take one thing – my head!
Shortly after we left, I noticed I don’t have my camera with me. Can’t travel without my camera. How could I forget it? You could see me going out with underwear, forgetting to wear my pants, but still with my camera, and this time – I just spaced it out.

OK, turning back

After short 10 minutes we were  on the way again, with the camera. As we drive I think – do I have everything?
Shoes, socks – Check!
Pants, belt shirt – check!
Camera – check!
GPS – check!
snacks for the way – check!
Wallet -

Oh no, Back again

Ooops, where is my wallet? We stop and start looking. I call Patti ask her to look in the RV. No wallet. A border patrol search would be proud of me – I had the car completely emptied and searched, but no wallet. Patti could not find the wallet either.
Maybe I lost it yesterday while geocaching… I am starting to think where it could be, and where I used it last. You know – I am sure you lost something in your life. But I had only half a day to share with the kids, and I did not want to spend it looking for wallet.
Little problem, with quarter tank of gas, I will not get too far. End of story – Patti finds the wallet in a kitchen drawer, no idea how it found it’s way there.
For the third time we are on the road again. This time we took hwy 76 through lake Henshaw. This mountain area is full of spectacular views
Hwy76_LakeHenshaw This is one of the photos that made up this panorama:
SoCal 011
Geocaching again
SoCal 008
Please enjoy the views:
SoCal 017
Just before Palomar Mountain State Park – where the clouds start
SoCal 030


  1. Great post Motty & I understand fully how you feel about Moe. It will be a period of adjustment for sure. Nice for you to spend time with your kids & taking them out Geocaching was a great idea for getting them out into the countryside. Your new RV site looks great & glad you finally found a spot you like....AL

  2. Motty - it was good you had your kids just after transferring Moe to a new home. They can't replace Moe, just as Moe couldn't have replaced them, but you have an energizing excitement just being with them. Great job of stitching. I've only tried it one time with moderate success. I know a lot depends on how you take the original pictures, and you did a mighty fine job!

  3. Oh, life without Moe - I can relate! Each time I open the door of our motorhome to come in, I check the steps to make sure Luna isn't going OUT. How long does it take for those habits and expectations to die? It's difficult, I know - and your feelings of loss are natural. You were strong to do the right thing by him. So glad you have your children with you now for distracting energy. :)

    Also glad you have found yourselves a pretty site at Jojoba Hills. We really like that park, though SKP parks can have some extra hassles in getting settled, can't they? If you have a chance, look up Fran and Bill Rayner - they, or Carole Schneider are likely to be hosting a Boomer happy hour while you are there and are good people.

  4. Hi Guys
    hope Patti is feeling better and I hope you enjoyed Orange county. We live about one mile from the intersection of the 91 and 241 toll road. I absolutely love the weather here.


  5. Looks like a beautiful setting for you guys and it's great to see you with your kids. We much prefer to use air mattresses rather than a sleep sofa...they just aren't comfortable to sit on OR sleep on. I refuse to give up my double recliner sofa....LOL!

    Moe will be happy and that is what counts...but you already knew that. ;-)

    Great pics, but then they always are!

    Hope we see you at the Gypsy Journal Rally but understand if you can't make it.