Nov 29, 2009

Gulf Ventures

Daring to see Bon Secour

Monday 11/23/2009 - After being in the Gulf area for a week, recovering from a Flu, rain and other troubles – it is time to go out and Have some FUN

Nov 20, 2009

As south as it can get

Metric Miles

Monday 11/16/2009 - Alabama is long! I can tell you that! Three hundred and seventy three miles. Speaking of that always reminds me the endless argument I have with my friends – Metric vs. Empiric. Do you know how many feet are in these 373 miles, or yards? For someone who came from a ‘Metric Country’ it was always a mystery to me how come the US didn’t convert, but this is a long story, so don’t get me started now!

Nov 15, 2009

Exploring around the Fort

Feel the (fort) Payne

Friday 11/13/2009 - Still in Will’s creek in Fort Payne. We like this campground and like being in the south. We want to avoid temperature below freezing, so we have to stay in the safety band until February-March, that means we have time, as we are only mid-November.

Nov 8, 2009

Playing Hiking in the mountains

Desoto State Park

Sunday 11/8/2009 - We woke up to another sunny Sunday (Isn’t it repeating - Sunny Sun Day?) and started to get ready to go to the state park that was close by. When we choose our campgrounds, we try to choose one that are close to some nature attractions, National Park, State Park or similar, so no wonder that around us there are so many state parks.

Nov 7, 2009

Southern Comfort

Lookout mountain

Friday 11/6/2009 - Our campground Will’s Creek is located in North Eastern Alabama, and it is very close to Georgia and Tennessee. We have enjoyed the nice weather in the first week, which passed by very fast. One we thing we noticed right away is that many people are speaking a foreign language in this area, I think it is called Southern. I have no clue about this language, and I can’t understand a word. After Faav Dize the Weekend came Y’all.

Nov 2, 2009

ALA-BAMA. Rings a bell?

Gone South

Tuesday 11/3/2009 - When we planned on ‘going south’, Alabama was kind of the official destination of being in the south. Not sure why – maybe because of the name, or because there is no state south of it, Whatever the reason is – whenever someone ask us – where in the south? – Alabama was the answer. So we were very excited to finally get there and say – Been to ALABAMA.

Nov 1, 2009

The Great Smokies

Touching the skies

Thursday 10/29/2009 - We stopped for the night in a hidden campground on the Blue Ridge Parkways, still in VA. It is called 'Middle Creek Campground' in Buchanan, VA. This time we used GPS to navigate to the site and it took us right there. This campground is not in the middle of nowhere, and it is crowded there, it is way to the side. The owner waited for us and opened the store when we arrived. We really did not use much of the facilities there, as early next morning we were on our way again to the Smokies...