Nov 7, 2009

Southern Comfort

Lookout mountain

Friday 11/6/2009 - Our campground Will’s Creek is located in North Eastern Alabama, and it is very close to Georgia and Tennessee. We have enjoyed the nice weather in the first week, which passed by very fast. One we thing we noticed right away is that many people are speaking a foreign language in this area, I think it is called Southern. I have no clue about this language, and I can’t understand a word. After Faav Dize the Weekend came Y’all.

Ruby Falls (and gets up)

Saturday 11/7/2009 - I told you in my previous blog that we planned on going back Ruby Fallsto see Ruby Falls, and so we did. We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and in less than 30 minutes and 57 signs about the Falls, we got there. We didn't any falls. Just a building shaped like a castle with the name ‘Ruby Falls’ on it. We expected a gorgeous water fall! Not a building!
Ruby FallsWhen we entered the building it all became clear – It is a waterfall in a cave! It was discovered at the beginning of the century by a cave enthusiast named Lambert, who named the falls in the cave after his wife Ruby.
There are guided tours from the building to the cave every few minutes, and it's worth Ruby Falls - western sunset (NYC skyline upside down)every penny! The views are amazing, and the cave is beautiful. Our guide was a very nice lady that smiled a lot and I think she told many jokes because people were laughing, after she talked, but I did not understand a word! It was in this southern language I was telling you about.

See Rock City

Another popular attraction (there are quite a few of them) inRock City, Chattanooga, TN the Chattanooga area is Rock City. It is located in the outlook mountain as well, and displays a nature art of rocks and plants. It is very close to Ruby Falls, but actually located in Lookout Mountain, GA.
Rock City will amaze you... Rock City is a true marvel of nature featuring massive ancient rock formations, gardens … and breathtaking "See 7 States" panoramic views.
We walked around the trails in the park and enjoyed the amazing views. We crossed a hanging bridge, went through narrow passes (Weight Watchers Passage) and looked over a waterfall. Here are few pictures from the park
A sweet surprise awaited us at the end of the trail, there is a cute exhibition of fairy tale dolls displayed in a cavern called Fairyland Cavern. This is a MUST if you like fairy tales and children rhymes. Your kids will love it, Adults also love it because it brings back all the memories when they were children and their parents would read these fairy tales to them.
Snow White
After a long day in the Lookout Mountain we drove back to Alabama looking forward to another exciting day in the nature tomorrow.

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