Mar 14, 2011


I knew I may use the android Blogger one day... we are in CA since Friday in a gorgeous park in southern CA but no internet and very poor phone signal. No TV either...
We will have to figure out what to do tomorrow morning since we have to have internet here. I don't understand why this is always an issue. It is as important as water and electricity and the infrastructure is not so expensive. Why can't we expect to have high quality reliable internet at the campground just like hotels. It is always a challenge.

So just a short update until I can post a normal blog.. just had the greatest time with my son this w/e my daughter did not join, I guess she had more important things to do (i know, what can I say...)

This coming week I am going to be swamped with work, but next w/e we plan some hiking in the area, so fun is coming.  Will keep you posted

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  1. Hope you get connected today, you need that for your business don't you. Glad to see it is still nice weather. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....