Mar 27, 2011

Signs of Spring

The sun and the rain have chased each other all week long at the top of the Santa Ana mountains here in the Trabuco region. The unusual amount of rain filled the lakes, accelerated the rivers and painted the whole area with green. So this weekend we had to take a bite and taste the great flavors and colors around us.
Flowers are popping out (Patti's Picture)

Closing the week

Shabbat ShalomFriday, March 25th, 2011 – Things are falling into place now. We got our truck fixed, and actually we were told that the extended warranty will cover the valve and most of the A/C unit, so next week we will have to haul our home again to the shop.
Thursday was a shopping and errands day. We stopped at the bank, the post office, and finished with a long visit to a local grocery store (I think Vons). Most of the Wal-Mart stores around here are not Super Centers, so we have a chance to use a ‘normal’ grocery store for a change. There are two main differences that I have noticed – there is much more variety when it comes to food, and it is much more expensive. Not sure if the prices of food are high all over southern CA, or just in this chain store, but its more expensive than what we are used too.
Kiddush for ShabbatAnyways – Patti, although not Jewish, is chipping in and creating a great atmosphere of Shabbat, by preparing special Shabbat dinner for us, and lighting the Shabbat candles.So today Patti has baked fresh Challah and Rosemary Chicken with Mashed potatoes, she lighted the candles as I blessed the Shabbat, the wine and the bread. It does give a great feeling that we like.

Weekend with my Son

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 – I drove down to the city to get my kids for the weekend. They could not come on Friday as they had to attend a concert with their mom, but on Saturday they planned to come over. My daughter apologized again saying she has so much homework to do, and as much as she loves me and would love to be with me, she prefers to stay home. I wasn’t happy, but she is old enough to decide and I respect her wish. So I picked up my son and drove back.
My son by the falls
I think we have a special bond, the two of us. ?Just getting along so nice. He is a good kid and I do have fun and great time being with him. The rest of Saturday was primarily sitting around and talking and looking at his new computer game (Our XBOX controller getting some attention) but today we woke up and knew we are going to do some hiking! I am waiting for it for 2 weeks now!
After a short discussion we have decided – this is going to be a short hike with a nice view. Short and sweet. That’s easy – just 1.5 miles east from here very close to the road there is a set of cascading falls called Ortega falls.
OrtegaFalls 064
The rocks were slippery and we did not have the right shoes or gear. This is also the first time I am trying to use my new camera in a little more advanced mode than what I am used to. There is no Auto Mode here, or a picture of flower and an runner. Just the P-A-S-M modes. Since most of my photos today were of water, I used Shutter priority, although some picture were taken with aperture priority to control DOF. Just playing a little and learning my new camera. It know it will take me some time for me to learn it, but I have patience and I enjoy it. I also used my new camera bag for the first time today, so I need to get used to it too. I will get better!
ugly graffitiThere was one ugly thing that we saw here, and have never seen before, and that really hurt me – all the rocks around the falls were full with ugly graffiti of stupid people who had to write their name to ruin for everyone else. That’s a shame.
We came back home and had a nice dinner (Slow Cooker Chicken with honey) dropped my son back home and drove back to sit and write this blog.
The upper fall
I must have twisted my arm pretty bad sometime today, because my whole shoulder area hurts pretty bad. That will teach me how Patti feels when she gets a flair.
So that’s it – up until now. Next week we are going to get the unit fixed and probably explore the area some more. as of work, maybe some new projects will come in, as I am pretty much done with most of my current projects.
And for you- thanks for joining the ride. We love it, and hope you do to!

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  1. So good to see you had a great day with your Son, it is good for both of you because they grow into adults too fast and then they have their own lives and no time for shared pleasures,Then you have to wait for Grand babies to start over. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...