Mar 17, 2011

Time flies

Unbelievable, tomorrow is already Friday! staying here and working all week and the time flies around us just by itself. Winter left behind, time moved ahead, and the earth is still turning. Hope to get some excitement this weekend, wait and see.

Ortega Oaks campground

Everything is fine

Our new portable dishTuesday, March 17th, 2011 – Slowly we are settling in, here at the campground. We drove on Tuesday to Camping World in San Marcos, about 60 miles south, and got a potable dish. So now, if we park underneath a tree, we can still connect our dish, if there is a spot close enough that has good sky view. The only problem is to set it up. We are so used to flip a button and viola – got signal but this requires slow adjustments. With intensive use of my android level and compass, and yelling at each other – “getting better” “move more” “oops too much, a little back” “Can you go down a little”. Now can you imagine if someone hears that and he doesn’t see what we are doing?

Settled in Ortega OaksThe rear window views are beautiful (see top picture), and we have peace and quiet. the side windows are open too. The internet is stable, although slow, and the phone reception is not the best, so we are going to get a phone connected (They have on-site connection). This will resolve all our communication issues. I am using only my Google voice number so all I need to do is redirect this number to our local line. Virtual world. If my grandma was alive, she would have died…

View from the creekExpecting soon to get my second wave of packages – this is the camera aftermath. The sling bag, the camera GPS and some other toys and gadgets. Will try to get some nice pictures this W/E hiking in the area with the kids, although they predict rain for the W/E.

We also plan to take the rig to the shop on Tuesday, the electric heating pump on the roof quit working, and the grey water valve is not sealing the tank anymore. I believe that should be covered in our extended warranty, good time to test it!

2FT = Double Full Timer

The young and the restless

We got new followers to the blog – so we are growing!! Welcome and thank you! Evielynne & Jorge left a comment in the previous blog, mentioning the “young” RVers, those are full time RVers and have Full Time job. They are creating and selling crafts, as you can see in their blog.

I thought that it would be cool if we will create some kind of a sub-group, kind of an interest group and can exchange ideas and share our challenges and experiences. For example – health insurance, Work ideas, tax issues you know… See, escapees are more for the retired community, and Passport America is concentrating on Parks and Travel.

Don’t ghet me wrong – nothing against those organizations. I love them and they do great work. I am a member myself, and many of my RVers best friends are retired. but sometimes I am looking for an advice or idea from people that share similar challenges.

I will try to start with a small group in Facebook, and let you know here on the blog, so you can join. What do you think?

It’s all about location

imageAlso – I think that it would be awesome if we could create a foursquare or Loops or FB imageCheck-In friendship (this has nothing to do with the previous idea) so that we can see when we get closer to each other and can get together. Kinda like what we did with Al and Kelly last year. Would you join? If you are member, look for me (mottych) – I will friend you!

Enough blah blah…

Thanks for following along

PS – had to delete and repost this post, as it caused my browser top keep opening a new window everything I closed it. Hopefully reposing will do the trick.

Also – the new group in Facebook was opened. It is called Full Time RVers at Work. – so Join!!

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  1. I'd definitely be interested in a working RVer group...we are still keeping our eyes out on a way to deduct some of our travel expenses. Hoping something pops up that interests us.