Mar 24, 2011

Rainy week in SoCal

It has been rainy most of the week this week here on the San Juan mountains Region. We resumed into maintenance mode, and still not done with it. Typical maintenance week of a fifth wheel RV and Truck,

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I knew something was wrong

Tuesday , March 22th 2011 – When I drove my kids back home on Saturday I already knew something is wrong with my truck. I heard a strange high pitch noise, and the break pedal kind of bounced back when I touched it. The car stopped just fine, there was no warning light, overheating or anything that will indicate that something is wrong except it just didn’t sound right.

The good life - Laptop, Game controller and a pop.Top that with our RV heater – every time is stopped, because the temp was hot enough, there was a strange bang sound. It worked, but just didn’t sound right. Today – it quit completely. The breaker would jump every time we try to turn it on.

So with everything going wrong we decided we need some fixing done. We found an RV service not so far and scheduled a visit.

A visitor at the parkWhen we drove down the hill today the RPM showed over 5,000. is was at the very end of the red scale. I knew the engine was not running at 5,000 RPM but the high pitch sound was there too. We dropped the RV at the service place, and called GMC dealership in Lake Elsinore. I must say that we were very hesitant since the place had very bad reviews.

When we started the truck to drive to the dealership, the sound simple disappeared, and all came to normal. All week it had this sound and now – it is acting perfectly fine…

Landing PositionWhen we got to the service department we were surprised bu extremely nice crew. They accepted us immediately even without scheduling, started working on the truck immediately and even offered me a private office where I could sit and work while waiting for the truck. It wasn’t easy to find a problem that does not exist, but based on the clues I gave they found some oil leak from some high pressure lines. It was too late in the day to fix it, so they topped the oil and set an appointment for the next day.

In the meantime we drove back to the RV Service place just to find out that the extended warranty guys could not give an answer, and promised an answer within 24 hours. Not so happy with them. Don’t even know their name – some insurance from Chicago that we were convinced to buy when we got our Escalade in Michigan last year.

So with the same broken truck and RV we drove back to the campground at the top of the hill.

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 – Got at 7:30am today, as I had to be by 8:30am at the GMC dealership. After a fast coffee I was on the way. I got there just in time, and they were waiting for me. I did not have to wait even a minute and a shuttle was already on the way to take me back to the campground, some 16 miles away.

I am now in closing edges stage as most of my projects are done. That gives less pressure but worries me at the same time. Got to get a new project in line fast!

Around 2:00pm they called from the dealership – the truck was ready. They sent the shuttle again to pick me up, and the truck was waiting for me clean and shiny. in 5 minutes I was already on m way back. No idea why did they have bad reviews – I was very happy!

The extended warranty guys didn’t call. I hope they will approve it by tomorrow. I need the electric heating A/C unit fixed and the grey water tank valve replaced (it is not sealing anymore). Will update you how it goes.

I just need to get some good long term project that will allow us to work without pressure and get some steady income, and that would be great!

Otherwise, we did not go out much this week. It is rainy almost everyday. I do hope to get out this Weekend as it looks like there are nice places around here, and I need some fresh air!

Some weeks are more exciting than others, but overall – no complaints. Part of RV life Smile

So like always – I would like to take the time and thank you for following us along, hope you like it.


  1. Just curious as to what was wrong with the truck, I just replaced a front axle shaft and front hub&bearing assembly on my Chev/Duramax. It has 98000 miles on it. the other side is still quiet and vibration free.Glad to hear it all turned out okay. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. They found oil leak in the power steering and had to replace couple of high pressure oil pipes. We have a similar truck - GMC Sierra 3500/Duramax - overall we are very happy with it.