Apr 1, 2011

Sun of a Beach

What does the Pacific Coast has to offer, and no other place does? Of course –The pacific Coast!  with the warming sun rays of spring, and the beautiful sandy beaches you just can’t get enough, or maybe you can? or even more than enough? find out!
DanaPoint 039
Stupid Bird knocking on my windowFriday, April 1st – Fool’s Day, 2011 – A whole week just flew by so fast. Didn’t even noticed it was here. Wow how time flies. The temperature started climbing and stayed in the 80’s almost the whole week. And us? hmmm… didn’t do much most of the week. On Monday I tied loose ends from the projects I recently finished. Little things here and there. I also got irritated by a small bird that fell in love with our unit, sitting on the bike and flying into our window non-stop every 20 seconds. The first 50 times it looks cute, but after 378 times, it is starting to get old, noisy and annoying. The bird BTW did not stop to this day. no matter what we do. We can make it go for 10 minutes but the bird comes right back.
The dinner I missed - Drunken ChickenTuesday was an errands day. Drove to Wal-Mart, stopped again at the bank and back home. Those trips are so time consuming that it is unbelievable, took me almost 5 hours just for those two places. I ate a Pita while I was out but Patti already cooked a great dinner for me. By the time I called and asked her not to cook – it was too late. I am going to have a drunken chicken for lunch tomorrow!

Phone with Roots.

Since I don’t have too much pressure from work right now, I decided to do something I wanted to do for some time – Root My Android. This is not a simple task, and pretty much you need to start over with your phone, so I waited to the right time. In simple words to ‘root’ the phone means to gain full control over it, and access all the areas of the operating system, including those that were blocked by your carrier. You can then install any software you want, upgrade or disable anything you want and bypass any restriction – like the use of Skype only over WiFi – what a stupid concept…
I started around 7:00pm and by 2:00am I crawled to bed, The phone was finally rooted, but naked with no software installed on it. That would be the start of a 3 days marathon to reinstall everything to the state it was before, with all the improvements that I wanted to achieve. Yeah – my Android is LOADED.

California Beatches

Capistrano BeachI seem like I have a typo in the title, but I was not sure which word will describe better this story, so maybe the combination  would server the best… But let me start from the beginning. On Thursday the forecast was 86 degrees here in So Cal.  that was a perfect opportunity to go and spend the day on the beach. Catching the sunWe chose the closest beach to us – Capistrano beach by Dana Point, and drove down the hill to the ocean. The beach was not too crowded and we found a nice spot to spread our towels and enjoy the sun. We took a walk along the water line to take some pictures and enjoy the coldness of the ocean water in our feet. Beach TreeAt some point, a lady got up and ran towards me as if something happen and she needs some help. Without any apology or explanation she approached me and said – “I hope you are not taking picture of those kids because that is not OK with me.” I was thinking – which star did you fall from, weird lady, and why are you even talking to me? I was just going to say - I will take any picture I want and if you want to hide your kids, leave them at home.
Patti, who was just beside me told her – “No, don’t worry, he is just taking pictures of me”. And we continued our walk. This incident bothered me. How rude? She didn’t even apologize, she acted is if she owns the beach and I am some criminal sex offender who just ran out of jail…
A Wave as it breaks
DanaPoint 011As long as I am here in the US (that is over 15 years), I can’t recall a stranger comes to me and talks like that. Is it a different mentality? a whole different nation? Where am I? What does she think? Is it the beach of the bitch? or maybe she is just the bitch of the beach…
The B__ch of the B__chI couldn’t help it. I had to go back. I told Patti – Just wait here a sec, I got to go back there. I turned around, got very close to this lady and took a picture of her. She didn’t even say a word this time. She knew I was pissed, and she probably crossed some lines. That was the smartest move she did. I turned back and continued our great time on the beach.

When not enough is Too much

Patti loves the ocean. At the whole time she had a smile from ear to ear. Didn’t want to leave. I knew that too much sun is not good for her, nor only because of her Lupus, but also because of her sensitive skin. After 3 hours in the sun I told Patti we got to go.
Mine is the white one with the Mast
Great Views, Great Food and Great CompanyWe stopped and had a great dinner at the Dana Point Harbor. Patti is usually very criticizing on what she eats and since she cooks so well, she does not compromise with less than top quality food. This time – she did not stop complimenting the food – she just loved her coconut shrimp, and sea bass in Lobster sauce.That by itself worth every bit of this trip!
Typical CA PArking lot - Bently Corvette and CadillacAll was great until we got home. then Patti started to feel the sun burn. Her skin was red, especially on her hands and feet. Tons of Aloe Vera did not help. She was hot, de-hydrated got a strong headache and in a very strong pain. She could not even take a shower, she was just miserable I suggested to put some yogurt honey and mint on her skin (if it is already cooked we might as well enhance the flavor) but she refused.
Not sure when did she finally fall asleep but when she woke up this morning it was all much better. The headache was gone, and the pain was much more tolerable. By now, it is all gone.

Spring break with my son

You guessed right. My daughter didn’t come again. She might join later during the week for couple days. But in the meantime the bond between me and my son is just getting stronger, We are just having great time together. He joined us tonight for the Shabbat dinner and even blessed the wine and the bread, in Hebrew! That was so awesome!
Not sure yet what we are going to do all week, but the most important thing is – we will do it together! So tomorrow morning we will sit together and plan.
I wanted to write something about this campground but I will keep it for next time. Anyways – glad you are with us, following along = Thanks you!

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  1. So glad things have worked out so good between you and your son, he sounds like a really good kid. As far as the women goes, you have the patience of a Saint.I'm afraid I would have told the women in a direct way, that I am not in the habit of asking anyone permission of the Pacific Ocean and if she had a problem with that she good collect her kids and go somewhere else, I'm staying here.That really was rude.Oh well, Hope Patti gets to feeling better and next time shorten her sun exposure. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...