Apr 25, 2011

And it keeps coming

Life events are falling our way all the time, and things are changing. It seem that everything falls into place, we just need to adopt adjust and embrace. Like always – we try to do it with a smile and with open mind. So what’s now?
Bear Canyon Loop Trail

Interesting Weekend


Friday, April 22nd, 2011 – Preparing the Shabbat TableSince we started preparing Shabbat Dinners, I am always excited and looking forward for Friday Night. Sit together all the family, Patti lights the candles and blesses our house, there is always good smell of the delicious dishes Patti makes, and a fresh Challah on the table. Everyday Patti makes meals – some of them are just amazing, but always there is something special about the Friday Dinner. This Friday I will make “Pigs in the Blanket”, Patti announced – and so she did. Delicious Cabbage leaves rolled and filled with meat and spices, in a tangy sweet red sauce. My son in gamin positionAfter a good meal, we are always so full, that there is nothing else we can do but sit down and relax. My son who came back ‘home’ since the Sedder adopted a gaming position on the couch, Patti is on the recliner, and I am on my office chair. Precious family time. Sometime we will watch a movie together, or watch my son plays one of his games on the XBOX (yes – he claimed ownership on this device, as you can imagine).

Paradise in my back yard

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 – Patti still does not feel 100% yet as she is going through the flare, but she is getting better. Looks like the flare is going away, although all night she had an unexplained high fever. We wanted to go for a hike today, but thought it would be better to let Patti rest, so it was only my son and I.
Bear Canyon Loop Trail
BearCanyonLoopTrail 035BearCanyonLoopTrail 069One of the places I had in mind was actually across the street from the campground, right at the Candy Store on Ortega Highway. There is a sign for couple of trailheads – San Juan Loop and Bear Canyon trail, so we did not even use the truck today. We simply crossed the street and followed the trail signs, We were surprised to find a beautiful waterfall and a nice river along the 2.5 mile trail.Amazing what you can find just few steps away from home.

BearCanyonLoopTrail 081

Surprise Surprise

So how do you end a peaceful Saturday and starts a wonderful Sunday? Let me give you a hint… Remember some time ago I mentioned that we have contacted an old time colleague and a friend from WA? Remember that there a was a chance that Patti will get a full time job? Well you must already figured it out…
We almost lost any hope with this job opportunity, but Patti got a phone call today. Yes – she got the job. What is that mean? I am not sure yet. It means that we are moving to WA, and will probably rent a house there. We will try to get my ex-wife agree and let my son come and live with us. Still many things to figure out but it is not bad after all. If we need to settle down and stay some place for my son, we might as well have a full time job. At least one of us. And what is better than a job with someone you already know, in a job that fits your expertise, and with a boss that supports telecommuting…
So like always – we will see how it goes, and take it as it comes. and it is all good.

Easter Sunday

Easter BasketPatti feels much better today. That is a good start for today and actually a great start for any day!
I got some Easter Candy and groceries and Patti is making a nice dinner for us. Feels great to have a holiday spirit at home, especially when my son with us, and we are not alone. It brings back the feeling of a family Smile
Easter DinnerSo what’s on the menu today? Devilled Eggs, Cornish Hens with stuffing, mashed potatoes, Squash, and for dessert – bi-color chocolate mouse with strawberries. Easter 008
So… In the last month we had so much happenings, and the last three days are just a logical additions  – Time is losing its meaning.. Feels like a year! We are still Full Timers, and still live in our RV, although we know things will change soon. One thing we are very confident – we love RVing, and no matter what happens – we would love to continue what we have started.
So keep on following us as our life are changing shape and form. Isn’t it what makes life interesting?


  1. Congratulation to Patti,I hope she will start to feel better soon, How lucky you are Motty to get to spend time with your son, Life is good and like you said always changing. Hope all goes well for you guys, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. I enjoyed reading this. We were down around your area yesterday, we think, on our quest for a truck. It looks,like we have one now. we will need to go get it tonight .

    we are hoping we can see you sometime soon.

  3. That would be awesome! I Love to meet new people, but... Who is it? You for got to sign in or sign your name ;) Feel free to email/skype/call me: 443-40-MOTTY

  4. Hey, Motty and Patti -- so good to catch up with you when things are on a high note. Glad you have your son with you, and hope you can arrange for him to move to Washington with you. The food looked and sounded delicious, and your hiking adventures leave us wishing!

  5. Everything happens for a reason...even if you settle in one spot for a year or two (or more), you can still vacation in the RV!!!