Apr 11, 2011

Spring has come, Passover is approaching

This weekend has passed too fast. After spending the week with my son I had both kids with me for the whole weekend. We decided to repeat the fun we had on the lake and spend yet another day on the water.
LakeElsinore 050
Creating the Challah strandsFriday, April 8, 2011 – My daughter decided she would like to join us for the weekend. That is a refreshing change – picked her up and came back home for dinner.
Braded Challah ready for second risePatti has been working all day to create a wonderful Shabbat dinner. She becomes very proficient in making the Challah bread, and tonight she actually made an old fashion style Challah from six strands. This is the best one she made ever! Moist, soft, sweet – perfect!
The final resultOn the menu we also had ground turkey balls in home made BBQ sauce (oh this tangy sweet sauce taste so good with the Challah), mashed potatoes and onion jalapeno quiche. The wonders that Patti can make from basic ingredients are amazing!
The kids loved the food and participated in the dinner. My daughter read the blessing for the day in both Hebrew and English while my son blessed the bread and the wine. That made me so happy and proud!
Sunday, April 11th 2011 – Just skipped Saturday. We took the day slow, and relaxed around the RV. watching movies playing games and surfing the internet.
Old vs NewWe decided to go today the Lake Elsinore again, even though it was a little colder and cloudy. I took my camera with me  - practicing in shooting birds again. I am getting more and more used to my new camera which is much bigger than the old one. When I take picture with my older camera it almost feels like a toy in my hands compare to this newer one.
LakeElsinore 062
Both kids drove the boat and chased birds while I am trying to get some nice shots with the right light, angel and position. Not so easy, but I think I did not too bad. A faster lens could help here, but that is something I will get after my next big project.
LakeElsinore 064
For now I am happy with my new body, and still learning and getting used to it.

Busy week is coming

LakeElsinore 046Next week is going to be busy. The A/C unit is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, so we may have our RV fixed. I also plan to take care of my annual physical check while here, and visit the dentist, see if he has anything to say.
I also have couple conference call already planned in weird hours. but more important than anything – Passover dinner is on Monday night. We plan on joining a local congregation like we did last year, so I need to call tomorrow and find a place to go. I hope my some will be able to join us this year.
We also close one full month here in Lake Elsinore. We plan to stay here until the end of the month, and start our journey north along the pacific coast.
Have a great week! and check on us again. Exciting days are coming!

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  1. Great news that you & your daughter got together, I have that with my one Granddaughter who lives in New Jersey, she had only visited once while growing up,(she is 18)so I guess I can't expect her to be real close, she just got back to us a few months ago on Facebook, and now we have a reliable way to keep in touch, nobody ever answers the phone at her place, and her Dad doesn't believe in computers. Trouble is kids don't realize how fast life ggoes by and one of these days it will be too late to see Mom & Dad. Have a great time. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.