May 1, 2011

Am I a Full Timer

Technically, we live in an RV, so we could say we are still full time RVing, but are we? What makes us RVers and not just ‘living in a mobile home’? I am not 100% sure I know the answer, and maybe it is just a stage in the process of resuming different ‘normal’ life, at least for a while.

Waterfalls 065Friday, April 29th, 2011 – Another month is ending, and spring is in the air. This is the time when we were supposed to leave CA and start our AK journey, the trip I was waiting for so much. But we are not. We are still here in CA, and it looks like I am going to be here until school is over for the year, sometime at the end of June.

In the meantime, I wake up every morning at 5:30am or so, getting ready to get my son to school. After I drop him at school I am usually waiting at a local Starbucks and work there.I pick up my son and come back home at around 3:00pm. The rest of the day I continue to work, until bed time.

My time with Patti is limited before she starts her new job in WA – just two weeks before she lives and I have to stay here for over a month by myself. (Well, with my son, but without a partner).

Weekend got a whole new meaning now – the w/e nights are the sleep-in nights that I miss Smile and not having to drive around so much away from home most of the day. Even when this temporary period will be over – I am going to be by myself most of the day, while Patti  is at work and my son at school.

Preparing for ShabbatSo when I come to think about it – we are no longer full timing… We are back to normal (and somewhat boring I must say) way of life, except we are still living an an RV, until we will find a house in WA. Those big changes sure bring some frustrations and tense home, and we try to learn to deal with them one day at the time, hour by hour, minute by minute.

Does it worth it? I sure hope so… but days will tell. I am very happy for Patti that she got a new job. I think she will be much happier. I am also very excited to have the opportunity to raise my son, and be part of his life.

Still many more changes are coming in the next couple months – the new job starts, the move to WA and the summer plans. I might have to change the title of the blog although the little words bellow did not change that much….
Unexpected events in our personal life, at work and in the economy started a sequence of events that ended up with us becoming a 'Full-Time RVers', and Go back to Normal again.

I can tell you this – After experiencing both types of life styles– I can assure you that the dream of living on the road – is as fulfilling and exciting as it sounds. Still Rver at heart, and I know I will go back to RVing sooner or later (You are probably going to hear that a lot from me)

So keep following us, as we are exploring life with and without the RV. making to switch back and forth.

No pictures this post – we actually did not go anywhere…busy busy busy. Hope to have a more exciting post next time!


  1. We will follow you no matter "how" or "when" you RV. Even when back in a house, you can still have special weekends of camping. Hugs to you and Patti!!

  2. Hey Motti & Patti, I hope you will be keeping your fiver for short trips until you can realize your Alaska trip dream. We too will follow you in your life's new direction. God has a way of making things happen for the best. look at the new relationship you have with your son as an example. Be safe out there, hope to meet up with you someday, Sam & Donna....