May 9, 2011

Settle Process Begun

Time flies by, day by day and yet another week is behind us. The process of moving back to the ‘other’ side seems closer than ever. As a matter of fact, I think we have already started it. Many of our friends are planning to become Full Time RVers, and are in some stage of the process of preparing for the big day. Funny, as we are planning the cross back.

Diva at the park

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 – This week moved fast. I don’t even know why… I just woke up, drove, slept, worked, looked at the calendar, and the week was gone. It was so fast I didn’t even had a chance to stop and look around, take a breath or plan. The tense we had earlier this week was replaced by happier and brighter days and I hope it would stay that way.

Views in our RV ParkPatti is getting nervous a little as her first day at work is getting closer. This W/E she is going to WA while I fly to FL to the SAP user Conference for few days. My son will be with his mom for those few days until I come back, and start counting the days he finishes school and I can join Patti. It is not going to be easy on us, starting so many new things without being beside each other. In this 6 weeks time Patti will have to find a new house for us, arrange the move of what’s left from our household from MN to WA and start the WA life all by herself. This is not going to be easy at all, not because she is not capable of doing it, but because we are so used doing everything together. We are also supporting and complementing each other in so many different ways and in time that so many things are evolving – we need each other, for emotional support if nothing else.

From developing new daily routines to raising a child to managing household – it is all coming together at the same time. I wish I could be beside Patti so we could support each other and be part of the change with her by my side.

Fresh Challah for ShabbatFriday, May 6th, 2011 – Weekend is here. It is mother’s day W/E but we don’t have anything special planned. Patti is preparing for the last Shabbat we are doing together before she leaves. Fresh Challah bread in the over, Patti;s magical mashed potatoes, and baked chicken. Patti lights the candles and blesses our house, and after a short prayer for the Shabbat we have our precious time together. These are the moments of family magic. Precious! After dinner we sat together and watched couple movies (I love comedies, comedies and some time I watch comedies as well. Hey, if you want to watch Drama – you don’t need movies for that).

A local cat is checking the new carSaturday, May 6th, 2011 – Yesterday morning we had an appointment at the car dealership to get the truck brakes serviced. They make some grinding noise and probably needs to be replaced. We drove down to the dealership in Elsinore Lake and dropped the truck. When they took the wheels out, it turned out that the whole rotors need to be replaced, and that is going to take some time (and probably some money too). While waiting we took a walk outside and looked around. Patti noticed a nice car she liked in the used car lot. Well – we are going to have to buy a new car sooner or later so that Patti can drive to work, so might as well… I came back to the waiting area and did some research on similar cars on the internet. Views in our RV Park(We had our laptops with us, and they have free WiFi). It looked like the price they were asking was a little too high, so I dropped the idea. A little later we went out again, and walked by the car. Just to get a closer look, thinking we may buy this car somewhere else later. A salesman came over (of course) and asked if we liked the car. I said – It is a nice car, but $5,000 too high! So, without thinking twice the guy said – if I will take the price down $5,000 will you get it? Yes, I said.

I will make a long story short – Patti got a new car! This is the first major move we made towards settling down. So Patti will not fly, but drive her new shiny car (well, it is used, but still shiny) to WA instead.

Harvey and MoeSunday, May 7th, 2011 – I was planning on sleeping in today. As you already know I have early mornings during the week now, so the W/E nights are those I am letting myself enjoy those extra morning hours under the blanket. 8:00am – the phone rang. My first thought was – oh no… Here goes my day, but – it turns out it was Patti’s brother Girlfriend. They want to come and visit us today! This is perfect timing because this is the last W/E Patti is here, and we love her brother and his girlfriend. They also have Moe (Out Boxer we gave them remember?) so he is coming too!

Patti - The Kitchen MasterHarvey is a very smart man, and very talented computer guru himself, so whenever he comes over – we have plenty of subjects to talk about. But that is not all – Harvey and Allison are planning to go full timing, and they are very serious about it, so we got a chance to share all what we have leaned in the last two years about buying and owning an RV, and about the Full Time life style. As we were giving them the tour and talking about how it is to live on wheels, we realized how passionate we are about our life and how much we enjoy it. So here is another proof that we really love our life, and we will hit the road again – as soon as we can.

A cat visitor in our siteSo there – if you are not sure about this life style, let me tell you – it is the best thing you can do. If you love exploring, love nature and adventure, you would love this life style. If you plan just being in one place or two – get a house.

So what’s next? This week will be the last week in the current settings. Things will start changing this W/E when Patti leaves, and we will just have to wait and see how it goes. we would love it if you stayed and follow us too.


  1. Just a bump in the road, you'll be back wandering the country before you know it.

  2. ஜ۩۞۩ஜ *** BREAKING NEWS *** ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

    The status of 'girlfriend' has been terminated.
    Rather, it has been upgraded to "fiancee'"
    Whooooo Hoooooo!!
    A handsome, incredible 'husband-to-be'
    and an awesome
    future sister and brother in law to be!

    I am a lucky girl!
    God is Good!!!

  3. Thank you Motty for all of your great advice!
    We really enjoyed visiting with you, your son and Patty. We should have done it much sooner!

    We thought we found 2 perfect RVs.. but we were too late calling as 2 other people had the same idea as well!

    We'd like to see you again before you go!
    So would our baby, Moe!