Dec 19, 2010

The SEW circle

Sew? What is that you are probably thinking. Well, not so exciting as you might think.. The is the Sleep Eat Work Circle. This could be good for a short period of time, but this circle is doomed to get broken one way or another
Graceland 118

Mirror Mirror am I fat?

Imagine that

Getting up in the morning to the sound of customer looking for you. Run half sleeping to the office and dealing with morning issues while making coffee and getting a yogurt or two. Getting stuck on this chair until lunch break. I was just kidding, there is no lunch break. Grab an apple or a vegetable if you are hungry…
sewIn the evening – you get a short (15min) break to eat dinner while trying to ignore the Skype buzz. back to work – and stay with customer until 3:00am! the time you crawl back to bed to get some hours of sleep before the morning customers will buzz again.
When having customers around the globe it is not so easy. When the US customers go home, the Australian are coming to work, and a little later the Chinese, and later at night the European. The globalization of the village can but distances short but could be a challenge some time.
After not having any work for some time – believe me – I am not complaining. It is wonderful to have customers, and I am trying to make them all happy, but it has a price.

So what’s my point

The SEW circle is not what I wanted to talk about. I already did, in some previous postings. The problem is not the circle, but the consequences, and I am sure that those consequences could be a result of many other “Circles” like the SETV Circle (Sleep Eat Watch TV) or SEDN (Sleep Eat Do Nothing) circle.
OK – so what bothers me lately is health and in particular – overweight. Uff I said that. I am overweight! That could be a major problem if you live in an RV and travel around. See, when we lived in a permanent house I could have a workout room, or a treadmill in the garage, or at least go to the Gym, but this is not an option in an RV.
We have our bicycle with us, and we did ride them in the summer and spring, but this is no fun in a 30 degree weather! I am not saying impossible, but no fun! We used to hike a lot but we don’t have this much free time in our hands anymore. You can’t hike for an hour, and again – going for an hour walk in the rain/snow in a cold weather is not exactly my cup of tea either.
That’s a problem! Sitting all day can lead to many different problems on top of gaining weight. Blood Pressure?, Hemorrhoids??  I don’t know. I do know I got to do something about it.
Patti thinks that those Fitness Video games are going to help, so we might get a new XBOX Kinect with the Biggest Looser training program.

We went to visit Elvis

imageSaturday, December 18th 2010 – We did not find much to do around here in Memphis area. The main attraction is Graceland – Elvis Presley’s house just across the border in TN. Of course I heard of Elvis, but when I listened to some of his popular songs on youtube, I realized I don’t know most of them.
Graceland 111For a superstar at that level, we expected to see a mansion, but Elvis’s house was very modest by any means, even for 20 years ago.  A smaller piece of land (I think couple acres) with a normal size house on it. (he bought it for $100K at the time. It had a nice living area and a big kitchen, but nothing too fancy. it was nice to learn how he took care of his parents once he made it, and how he served the army. Too bad he got into drugs and died so young. He should have been in his 70’s if he was still alive.

Now What?

For the holidays we are going to drive North to MN and have a white Christmas with the family, so we are going to have a week off (we don’t take home with us). Then we are coming back and resuming our journey south. We will probably fly to Israel to visit my family and when we are back from that – continue West to be with my kids in CA. Busy schedule ahead of us for this winter.
Still did not find an original “Ending” to sign my blog, but I do appreciate you reading that far. So until next time…

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