Dec 31, 2010

And I couldn’t ask for more

Like magical life circles – another end and another beginning. It’s all about Summaries and Plans, Conclusions and Resolutions projecting Past into Future and making everything better. Isn’t it? After wonderful holiday season we are back South under the warm pleasant sun getting ready to start a new year, curious what secrets does it hold and what surprises that it hide.

The year that it was


Looking Back

The New Year’s day of 2010 – one year ago, caught us in Galveston Island TX, not so far from where we are now. (I know,  I didn’t tell you yet – but we just arrived to Buffalo TX Last night, more about it in a little bit). At that time we were still very greenies in Full Time RVing, maybe 2 and a half months on the road. It was just when we decide to become full timers and fell in love with this life style. Just about a year ago it was when we upgraded our 27’ Dutchman to a 34’ Sandpiper in Alabama.
So here we start a new year with all the excitement of travelling and exploring new places, new friends, and actually – New Life!
Shortly after that, by the end of January, we got laid off from work. Both Patti and I worked at the same company, and we both lost out job at the same day! Bot don’t you worry – it probably was a good thing looking back. Working in this company was a bridge and a window to whole different technology and market, combining my past experience with a new world of opportunities. That was a window and introduction to what I am doing right now.

4 Seasons

The year was divided into 4 parts for us. The first part we were with my kids in CA, exploring the South West, shifting from Full Time employment to a Self Employment.
My youngest kids at Anza Borego, CA
When spring came, that was the exploring season – From CA through CO and Rt 66, to AZ and UT and topping it up with WY – Amazing views and parks. This was unforgettable real fun. Lots of hiking and biking and being kissed by the sun.
Mesa Arch At Canyonland - Isle in the Sky
Then Summer came. The business started picking up too. We moved up North and stayed around Patti’s Family for a while. Got reunited with Patti’s son and Lost connection with him too. It also was the biggest leap for our renewed company circulating new blood in the old body, and new excitements are starting to evolve.
Camping with our granddaughters at Delta Lake, WI
That took us into the Fall – and through the fall all the way to the winter. We stayed most of the time in PA, where we had fun with my daughters and Patti’s oldest son while continuing and growing our business. On the way from WI to MN we upgraded our home to what we have right now – our Escalade RV that we are so happy with. Late in the fall we started our Journey south, through KY, TN and AR, and finally here to TX
With my daughters at New Hope, PA

The time is Now

This is a very interesting point in time, I must say. Closing many circles :)
We drove yesterday from AR to TX after driving back from MN where we spent Christmas at Patti’s youngest – her daughter, with her oldest son and my oldest daughter. We had lots of fun being around the family with our kids and grand kids and got some very nice gifts to each other.
Patti got the Ultimate Kitchen Machine. The Thermomix TM31. It is an amazing machine that is very hard to get here in the US, but you can buy it in CANADA, and they will ship it to you. I think this is the perfect machine for an RV as it can do so much in so little space and in such a high quality. I think I will write about this machine in a separate blog.
imageI got the new XBOX 360 Kinect – This is a video game that actually can monitor your whole body and provide a full training and fitness program right in your RV. Together with the Biggest Loser program – this is a perfect solution to my limited activity, You will probably here more about that soon.

Celebrating White Christmas and Shabbat in MN

XMAS_2010 006XMAS_2010 013
XMAS_2010 020XMAS_2010 024
So now we are prepared for the new year, in Dew TX – going to celebrate and welcome the new year with a friend of ours that we got to know through this very blog! Chef Serena is living close by, and following us for some time now. Serena is planning to do the shift into Full Time RVing one day herself, and Patti would love to become a Chef one day – interesting how wonders of life are making those miraculous introductions happen. I am amazed.

Back to the Future

What is next? I don’t know. We learned not to plan, to embraces life as they come. Explore and evaluate opportunities as they fall on our path and introduced to us. Life has its pace and things happen for a reason. We just need to adjust ourselves to the pace of life, and try to embrace opportunities.
Patti just got an interesting offer that may cause us to settle down. Maybe not. We’ll see.
So far we love to live and enjoy life. We do hope that the excitement happiness and love we have will never fade!
And I wish you all the same!
For the next Year and for the whole life!
Wish you nothing but Happiness Joy and Love!

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