Aug 27, 2010


While most of the time it is real fun living in an RV, sometimes it can be a challenge. This is what happened this morning when we didn’t follow the code. We laugh now, but it wasn’t so funny earlier today

The poop popped

Friday, August 27th, 2010 – We woke up to a lovely day. It is Friday today and the sun is shining, even the birds are singing. Perfect temperature outside and clear blue sky. Patti wanted to drive to visit with her sister who lives close by, and get some ingredients on the way so that she can cook tonight for her son who said he is going to visit.
image Just before she left, I asked her to wait so I can make couple trips and dump the black water tank, and so she did. The instructions are pretty simple: first – you connect the hose to the RV, then you open the vent valve, and last – you open the water valves on the RV. Also – open the black water first, so that grey water will wash the hose from any.. you know.
The first trip was easy – the tank was already full, so all I had to do is empty it. I hook it up to the truck and drive slowly to the dump. Un hook, open the vent, slowly lift the hose and open the lid, extract it, and connect it to the hole of the dump. Then, I release the latch and the bad stuff goes down. So far – so good. No spills. I was around a little, close all the hoses and valves, load the tank and back to the RV for round 2.
That was the tricky one… Wait… OK – so I open the vent valve, extract the hose and connect it to the RV. So far – so good. Then I open the valve – but instead of opening the black water – I open the grey water. No big deal. I pull the valve in, close it and opens the black water valve. The black material flows into the tank, and the air flows out from the vent make the whole area stink. The tank eas pretty full this time, and it didn’t help that the grey water already filled half of it, so the portable tank gets full. When it does, a red float comes up the air vent and the flow stops.
OK, so not what? Here is the situation  - I closed all the RV valves, and the tank is full. Completely full. that means that the hose is full too. and the black plastic pipe from the RV tank to the connector – that is full too.Full of what? yeah – full of – you got it.
How much can it be? I though I will close all the valves, disconnect the pipe and lift it up, than put the cap on, and viola! The plan didn’t work so well. As soon as I disconnected the hose from the RV, this brown material just burst out on my shoes, on the tank and splashed all over. Yes – it stopped after a short while, but it was enough in those pipes to teach me a good lesson!
Ran to the spigot, washed my hands, ran to the RV and changed all my clothes. Then, connected the water hose we use to fill the tank and asked Patti to wash around. In the meantime I ran to dump the tank and wash it. It was full. Full of it.
End of story? We cleaned everything and Patti drove to her sister. She came back sick and doesn’t feel good today. High fever in bed right now. And her son? decided not to come.

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