Jan 8, 2011

Cold Welcome to KS

I am terrified! No seriously, I am !! When we started driving this morning the temp was in upper 30’s and the northern we drove the colder it got. I feel like turning around and drive back!

Not a good start

imageWhen Patti checked the weather here in KS, she saw that the average in January is upper 30’s and gets down to 20’s at night. That is fine for short period of time, I thought. But this was a wishful thinking. When we got here at around 4:00pm today, the temperature was 24, and our neighbor just told us it predicted to get much colder later this week. You need to put heating tape here, and insulation there, and get the gas company install a big tank, it’s only $200 for this and $300 for that…

imageI don’t think that our unit is even designed for a sub-zero weather. We hooked up electricity tonight and turned on the furnace and the electric heater and I am still cold. and it is only upper teens outside.

Maybe my lack of excitement from this whole ordeal is part of it, or lack of motivation to give up or travels, but honestly – spending the winter in an RV with a risk of freezing our tanks and pipes is not the best idea. I think we will be out of here tomorrow. Need to discuss with Patti and decide what to do, but I am not a happy camper.

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