Jan 27, 2011

Home Town Delights

Wow what a day!!! Don’t even know where to start A day that got me excited and brought back some sweet memories, not talking about the better than perfect weather.

Eilat 020

Early start to a Perfect Day

Thursday, January 27th 2011 – We arrived to the apartment we are going to stay for the next 2 weeks last night after an exciting visit with my parents and my sister. With all the Jet Leg we woke up this morning at 3:00am – wasn’t too bad considering I was in bed at 8:00pm. By 6:00am it was already light outside, and by 7:00am I have already finished with all the catch-up I had to for customers.
Look at this HUGE pomagranteWe prepared a small shipping list of all those little things we realized we forgot (like socks) and planned to go out for shopping. We stopped at my parents and my dad joined us and guided us to the right stores. We stopped at the cellphone store and got a pay-as-you-go phone. Eilat 086Stopped at a shoe store and bought socks and slippers, but the highlight of this shopping trip was surprisingly the grocery store. Many things are different here, and Patti is always excited to explore and find out new things. Her favorite stops are the bakery, the deli and the produce. The baked good are so fresh and crispy, and Patti just fell in love with the chocolate croissant  The fruits and vegetable look and taste different here too. Everything is so much fresher.

Good time and Beer

Eilat 010From the shopping area we continued to the beach. A perfect 75 weather couldn’t be a better addition. We chose to sit at one of the oldest cafés on the north western corner of the beach. My dad and I had just great time, bringing up memories from years ago. Eilat 017Sat down and talked, watch the boats, the sea and all those new hotels that were added on the beach in the last few years. Hard to describe the good time we had, but we missed each other very much, and had so much to talk about.

Eilat 029

Getting Better by the minute

My Parents yardEarly afternoon we drove back home where my mom and Cecille (my mom’s hospice) prepared a great lunch. Ate together, all of us, and sat outside at the porch drinking good Turkish coffee that my dad prepared for us.
At around 5:00pm My daughter, Amit, and her boyfriend called us, letting us know that they are in Eilat, at the bus station. Amit is going to join the army in few days, and her boyfriend is already in the service for 6 months.
They are going to spend the W/E with us, then my daughter’s boyfriend is going to return to the base, and my daughter is going to stay with us almost to our last day here.

Meeting old Friends

Eilat 034So now – to finish this perfect day, turns out that a girl that I know from high school – Pazit Nuni  ,and who is a singer in Israel on her way to the top, is actually performing a concert tonight, right here in Eilat. We went to see her and the concert, and enjoyed great music and great performance. It was so cool! I met her before the concert, and chatted about our life in the last 30 years… I also met other friends I knew from school who came to see the show. Had real great time.
What else could I ask?


  1. Sounds a lot better then Kansas, you guys have a great time and enjoy the beautiful weather.

  2. How interesting to see a different country.
    What a wonderful trip. Your Dad looks so happy. Makes the trip worth it just for that.
    The grocery store would be fascinating. Patti will be in her glory....

    All the best... Kelly

  3. So far this has been so wonderful, and the croisants and bakery good here are amazing. The grocery store with the produce section has the freshest fruits and vegetables everything in the grocery store, i could stay there for hours looking at things.

    And Yes the weather is way way better than Kansas (NO SNOW) :)


  4. So glad to see you had a safe trip and are now with family,. Treasure the moments you can spend with your parents , because someday you won't be able to do this.I hope the weather stays beautiful for you guys and keep the pictures coming. I enjoy seeing it all, even the grocery stores.I know you and your Dad enjoyed that Henikens, It is one of Sam's favorites when we go out, That and Sam Adams Lager, or Rolloing Rock.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..