Jan 12, 2011

Losing Interest

The days are passing by, and I am inside the RV. There is nothing exciting to look up to, and it is too cold outside to do anything, and really – there is not much to do. Spending most of the day by myself doesn’t help either.
City Bird out my window

The Broken Hose Falls

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 – WalnutGroveRVPark 018Nature is everywhere and all the time. Even in a small RV park in the middle of the city. That’s what I found today! I had some birds and squirrels visiting me just out of my window today. Wild Life! (Being ironic…) I also  took a trip to some falls. Granted, not so exciting, but still – the frozen falls.
The frozen waterfall at my broken hoseThis is “my sewer hose that broke” falls! Luckily the valves are closed and noting stinky came out. no idea where the frozen water came from.

We got Gas

Being so hysteric about staying in the RV in such a low temperature, we called the gas company and asked to rent a big gas tank. This is what almost anyone else is doing here. After all, we have never stayed in sub-zero weather with this unit.
WalnutGroveRVPark 023Early afternoon the gas truck showed up with a big gas tank. The guy hooked up the tank to the RV by unscrewing the original pipe coming from the tanks and connecting a new one instead. That means that if I want to move I need to undo it and reconnect the original pipe.Did not like it at all… The company also charged me $100 installation fee and I had to prepay the 100 gallon in the tank. Considering that I pay metered electric, this campground is going to cost me more than a hotel!
I am getting bitter by the second about all this move. Wish we would have never done it.

Winter is here

imageTuesday, January 11th, 2011 – The worst past is behind, and so far so good (touch wood). The furnace is keeping up the temperature and the fresh water hose is keeping up. It is –3 degrees outside right now and suppose to climb to 15 during the day and go back to 0 during the night. As long as there is not wind – it is not so bad. I am impressed! I was expecting much more trouble, but I am graceful it works out.

Patti gets into Politics, I am getting into limbo

It is only the third day that Patti is going to work, and it is not easy on me. Over 10 years Patti and I are together 24/7. We always worked together and did everything together. In the last 4 years we are working from home, and in the last year and a half – we are TraveLiving in the RV.
And in one day – it all breaks. Puff! Gone! In the morning we say good bye, and in the evening we are merely together couple hours before Patti is getting too tired and goes to bed. Our day schedule and life in general is not out of our control and being dictated to us. Our travels have stopped, and we are in the middle of a big city. I did not live in a city (by choice) for over 10 years!
You may think I am spoiled, and that this is the case for most people. Maybe. It doesn’t mean that most people would not want to have this kind of life. I think it is much harder to lose something you had than not having it at all, and point is – we don’t HAVE to do it. We can continue and do what we did before, without the stability of full time job, and maybe less income, but happy every day.
Put that aside (stop crying poor baby) and let me tell you the other side of it – through my eyes. Like any other company, this company that Patti is working for is not an exception when it comes to Politics and power games in the office. Patti is coming home frustrated and unhappy. She is much more experienced than her peers, and that creates a threat, in particular on this guy that used to be the senior developer before Patti chipped in. I really don’t miss office politics. I never liked it, and I am so happy I am out of that circle.

Living in Limbo

Now – this is the worst part for me. No idea where we are going and what we are going to do, but I know something has to be changed. I guess I am not ready to stop our full time RVing.


  1. All I can do is send understanding hugs your way...

  2. Unhappy, you are. Solution, within you. Working for clients, not - bus pass get. Merriam tiny, KC not. Jazz, barbecue, museums. Get out. See and be seen.

    Luck good,
    Yoda ;)

    (snowed in, I am)

  3. Wil

    Face my smile you brought
    not for me city so big or so small
    my name are calling wilderness and nature

    2 questions answer I got to:
    1. doing it, Why are we
    2. See it before did not How come
    or in other words -
    what was I thinkin'