Jan 21, 2011

Where I Come From

Although I am here in the US for over 15 years now, and I am an American Citizen, for American people I will always be an immigrant. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It allows me to appreciate what I have and gives me a broader global perspective when I judge and compare almost anything, language, culture, politics, and economy.

Eilat - my home town

Eilat – on the red sea

I was born in the town of Eilat – today on the southern tip of Israel, borders with Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. One of the most beautiful places on this planet, a very unique place, ever summer 365 days of sun and amazing views above and under the water.
My daughter in EilatI was born into a small developing town. About 5,000 people at the time, mostly young families who ran south to the 60’s style at end of the world. The town was just over 10 years old, with no hospital and the closest city would be 6 hours away in a narrow road in the desert.
Patti Parasailing Eilat_Dec 2004Today the city populates some 50,000 citizens and many more tourists – the main industry of Eilat. Desert Camel tours, Diving with the Dolphins, parasailing, wind-surfing and just tanning on the beach in the pleasant January sun are just  a few of the many attractions that the town offers.
Dolphins at the ReefOur favorite beach in Eilat is the Dolphin Reef, where you could stay all day and swim with the dolphins – less crowded place on the western beach. IL_Eilat_Dec_04_ 008I am sure we are going to be there, and I will have my camera with me. I am actually excited to visit my hometown and my family and I will sure share it with you.
Where were you born? Do you have special memories? is it a nice or unique place? is it very different today? Just wondering.

Seen the Sunny Snow

The sun popped out today, just to show us in a bright light what mother nature did last night - all covered with 4-5 inches of white snow. I had to get out for a short walk before my butt will get completely num. So these pictures are a better representation of the present, than those above:

What’s for dinner honey

Patti did not feel like cooking tonight, so a quick fixing of Jambalaya with Brussels Sprouts (One of my favorite vegetable) made the trick. Not too bad! (Love my wife’s cooking!)
WalnutGroveRVPark 013
I think that’s about it for the day. Still planning to see the spice store, and probably get some more gifts before we fly. I might leave the RV at the shop to install some additional solar panels while we are gone. This way we would be better prepared for dry camping later this winter.
Count down the days with me!
Thanks for listening.. Glad you stopped by.


  1. Nothing bad about being an immigrant, my Grandfather * Grandmother came here from Italy and they were very proud of the fact they got their citizenship and spoke American as he would put it.No matter where you were born, this is till a great country. I have traveled the world and no one matches our level of comfort and freedom for the average man.Your birthplace looks like a great place, we will be eagerly following your trip, keep the pictures coming. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. What a beautiful place! I was born in South Dakota but left it when I was a baby. It's on our list of places we'd like to go in the Rv.

  3. What every white & black Yank likes to forget -- we're ALL immigrants here. (My 1/16 Abnaki blood doesn't even qualify me a seat at pow-wows.)

    The Eliat region looks great - why did you leave? I know I haven't any desire to live on the border of Egypt and Jordan, given the volatile relations between those countries and Israel, but I doubt my desire for peace and quiet drove your decision.

    I do know what you mean by your wife's Jambalaya. My native-born Louisianian wife loves mine, too. And I'll eat Brussels Sprouts most any way.

    Counting down to take-off, Major Motty.

    P.S. - I'm getting a 403 - Forbidden error from the slideshow link to your photos. Permission issue?

  4. Karen - SD is an amazing state - from the bad lands to the black hills we drove it all. We love it and will probably be back sometime.
    Wil - you are right, I did not leave Israel for any political or security reasons. As a matter of fact - Most of my childhood - Eilat did not border with Egypt, as Sinai was part of Israel, until was given back during the peace process.
    It was a point in life were my marriage to my first wife, and my career path both reached a point that required a major change, and I was offered a nice job here in the US.

    What pictures are causing trouble? The ones from KS? All of them? I used an album for those. I may change it to Picasa Album. Does anyone else has a problem viewing the pictures here?


  5. If you leave the rig in a shop while you're gone be sure to empty the reefer and freezer, I've heard a lot of stories where they let the people plug into 120 but some one tripped on the cord or unpluged it for some reason and it wasn't pretty when they opened the door.

  6. I know... (about the freezer). I did not hear about it - I experienced it :)
    brings some memories: