Jan 10, 2011

Home Alone Episode I

Patti went to work today – her first day. No idea how it was – she in not back yet. I had to deal with the daily activities she usually does and more… Maybe one day it will be funny
Monday, January 10th, 2011 – Last nigh Patti was very nervous before her first day. Hasn’t been to an office environment for some time. She was turning and tossing and could not fall asleep. Neither did I. At about 1:00am , the temperature started to drop fast and the furnace wouldn’t kick in. You go it! out of propane. Get dressed, go out and switch tanks.
Patti's First day The alarm clock went off 6:15am. This put an end to my theory that there is no such thing 6:15am. I actually saw it first hand this morning. I got up with Patti. Got to take her to work because I need to feel the propane tank.
The city of Kansas is definitely NOT ready for snow. the roads were full of snow, cars thrown out at the side of the road everywhere and nothing but a big traffic jam on the Highway. The office was 8 miles away. 45 minutes!!!
umplowed streets of KSDrove back, loaded the propane tank and went out again to the zoo and chaos in the cold snow. Found the place that feels the tank, but oops – forgot my wallet. Drove back.
Three customers are already looking for me, and I have to ask them to wait. Out again… This time with the wallet. Filled the tank and came back. 
Already noon! Poor Diva, didn’t go out yet. It is Patti who usually takes her for a walk. Took the leash and took Diva out. You should have seen her – I wish I had my camera – the snow was up to her neck! She was struggling to go and somehow the poop got stuck to her fur. Yack! Took the think back directly to the sink and washed her behinds… with my hands. Now I have a dog with a wet behinds, what do I do? To the crate! Poor thing!
Winter Camping in the CityIt’s been only half a day so far. Icicles are forming around the RV and the snow is piling up. The roads are horrible and I did not have breakfast. Lunch time anyways. By the time I will settle down and start working I will have to go and get Patti. Yet another 2 hour trip of 8 miles…
Thinking I could have been in New Mexico or Arizona, Hiking in the sun with a T-shirt…
What can I say? Have a great day! Thanks for listening.


  1. I feel your pain, Motty. As you no doubt learned today, it is YOUR job to tramp down a flat area in the snow so Diva can poop in peace when the white stuff exceeds her ground clearance. More pleasant for both of you and undoubtedly more sanitary. It did give you some funny stuff for the blog though. Here's hoping tonight and tomorrow go better for you.

  2. Oh Lord, Motty~~~ Come back to Texas~~Quickly!!!