Jan 14, 2011

Signs of Joy

I think that after this past week at work, our nightly short talks, and your comments, we are realizing that joy is priceless. These are only signs and feelings, no decision or actions yet – but I feel it will eventually end up the right way.
Branches maze in a winter sky

R We RV or Not

Resuming Fun, or are we?

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 – Patti came a little later today. It was obvious to me – she did not have a good day at work, and I did not have the best day here. Neither of us had a bad day, but just ‘a work day’. We talked again about work, and finances, about happiness and security, and all those big words. OK we didn’t talk about Life or about Love. That is reserved for a different day. We agreed that this last year was joyful for us and we would better wait for a better opportunity to cross our way. If the opportunity in WA would come through – that would be the best. Sounds simple and obvious, but it’s not so simple.
I think it was your comments more than anything that got to Patti. You see, you are unbiased (well, you see it through my eyes, but still have your own experiences). At some point I believe the Penny dropped and I saw signs of agreement.
City Birds of Winter on a bare treeIn the next few days it is not going to make a huge difference, since we paid here for a month already, and spend so much to get this big gas tank, and more importantly – we have to be here next week to fly to Israel. so we are stuck here regardless for the next week or so anyways. If Patti resigns, we will probably spend a day or two in KC, and get ready for our West Southern trip for the rest of the winter.
We want to stop by Carlsbad Caverns, and visit a friend in AZ. Patti has never been to as Vegas, so maybe this time around we will spend few nights in the Sin City. The rest of the time we will spend in SW AZ and SoCal. By the spring we will climb up by the Pacific all the way to AK. At least that’s the plan *if* we will resume the fun and nothing else will stop us.
If Patti will get the job in WA, we will spend the rest of the winter/spring in the NE area and when Patti will be ready and allowed to work remotely, we will start our journey to AK. the PCH in OR and northern CA we will do another time (next year).
Friday, January 14th, 2011 – The winter storm is over. It is 27 degrees outside, and going to climb to 36 today. First time above freezing this week. I will find out if there is any damage to my tanks and valves, and I need to install a new sewer hose so we can do some laundry.
Patti had hard time waking up this morning, she stayed late last night, and probably going to be tired at work. Last night I ran to the store, so at least we had sugar for the coffee this morning. Thank God – It’s Friday!
Diva walks on threeI am waiting for her day to end to see what is the outcome. I believe that if would the best for both sides that Patti would resign sooner than later, if she has the intentions to do so. Did I already say I am biased? Smile
Took Diva for a walk again this morning. She must be constipated or something. She stopped maybe 10 times and tried and tried, but nothing… Eventually she did it!! by that time her feet were so cold she actually started walking on three. Poor Diva.

Blog Facelift

Well nothing major, but if you haven’t notices, I added and changed few thing on the blog lately, wonder if you liked it.
First- the background picture. Instead of using the blog’s picture, I uploaded one of my favorites. A sunset at the Grand Canyon.
I also added some location related features – There is a location name by the post title, where you could click and see exactly where I was when I wrote this blog. On the side bar – there is a new Blog Map, that puts the latest posts on the US map, and you can search a blog by its location, click on a marker and see the blog post.
Next – I changes the calendar layout, added share options (FB, Gmail, etc.) and added a favorite posts list.
I think that’s about it, so I hope you like it.


  1. If we have to work, it should hopefully be work that we enjoy. Life is too short...

    I know the right decision will be made, sounds like you are well on your way through the process.

    Hugs to you both!!

  2. Always remember, you have each other and from what we see you depend on each others opinions and make the decisions that will be best for both of you, Donna & I are like that, even if it means she does have to work and we delay leaving for awhile,I know that is what is best in the long run, your two Love & Respect each other and that is what it is all about, We would never have lasted 30 plus years together if it was MY way or the highway in either of our minds.I know and believe that good things happen to good people,you guys are Good People and in the long run life will be good to you, we are praying for you to have a successful outcome. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Patti is a very wise, smart lady. I know she will make the decision that is best for you both. Love you guys and wish only the best for you ♥♥