Jan 17, 2011

Left Overs

It was a strange day today. collecting ends of many strings and finishing things up. Work around the house, in the computer and even dinner – was all left overs. Not necessarily a bad thing.
WalnutGroveRVPark 007

Closing the door

WalnutGroveRVPark 004No, I didn’t close the door on any opportunity today. Patti did though. The company she decided not to join has contacted her numerous times during the day today, but eventually she had to say – enough is enough – I made up my mind. So one-sided this story. When ‘they’ lay you off, they don’t think about the hardship they may cause to you. They will not consider keeping you until you will find something else. They take care of themselves (‘they’ being the companies). But when you “Fire” then and walk out or decide that this is not the job for you, they are surprised that you are not sensitive to the company’s need, and how could you. So self centered. .
WalnutGroveRVPark 001And me? I just closed the sliding door to the bedroom. Patti bought the right screws so with my screwdriver extender I managed to screw 2 of the screws and get the track steady in place. The rest was pretty easy – hanging the door, and putting the moldings back. So now it is all back in place. Ain’t you proud of me?

More Left Overs

WalnutGroveRVPark 005What else happened today? we found that another bitter cold front is coming. Thursday suppose to be 0 or bellow. Yuck. If I didn’t have that trip coming up, I would have been out of here. Getting tired of the cold. Can’t wait to come back from Israel and travel south.
Patti resumed her cooking shows and cooking practice, but we had great left-over from yesterday of this drunk chicken. It tasted even better today, after getting marinated all day in the sauce. (Photo on the top).
Trying to close edges as much as possible before our trip. Still need to buy gifts to the family and pack (it is warm there – T-Shirts)
Short blog today, hope to have more exciting things (and photos) to write about tomorrow.
If you have any ideas what is there to do around here – Bring it on! Jim and Cathy from Palms-Americana mentioned the presidential museum and the Jazz museum, and one great spices store – Penzeys Spices (Thanks for the great ideas), but more ideas are welcome!
Oh, and one more thing – I almost forgot. Some people mentioned that they have a problem posting a comment on the blog. Not sure if it has to do with the link from Facebook, with the type of ID or the browser they use. If you have a problem – please please – email me (My email is on the right panel towards the bottom – in the Contact Me section). Your comments are precious and very important to me.
That’s it for tonight. Late anyways… so – have a great wonderful day!


  1. Tell Patti I want the recipe for her "drunk chicken". I hope you have gotten my last two comments,one of which I re-posted. "Drop of Fire" was by far one of the funniest stories I've ever read!!! Stay warm. Hoping you come back to Texas this year!!!

  2. Good for Patti, Your guys happiness and inner peace are more important than some companies so called needs. Hope to see ya down the road if you head east your welcome to stop in Dardenne Prairie for a visit, the rates are cheap..I know you guys will be successful. remember , Good things happen to Good people. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. I was having trouble posting to a few blogs the other day using Google Chrome, I blew it off the computer then reloaded it and now everything is working great.

  4. I'm posting this just to try to figure out why I'm not getting your responses~~

  5. Ahhhh~~~figured it out!!I have to "subscribe by email" for your responses!! I have now done that!!! Yea!!