Jan 13, 2011

Status Update

It has been a little rough last night but nothing major changed. Patti still went to work today, it is still cold outside (although not as cold) and I am still “home alone”. But there is still hope!
WalnutGroveRVPark 001
Monday, January 12th, 2011 – Patti came back home all nervous last night. She knew I was very frustrated. It was just tensed around here. Patti did not have a good day at work either, She was even got yelled at for having a “non-work-related” talk with a colleague. Lucky it wasn’t me, coz I would have been gone. You need to realize – Patti is any employer’s dream employee. She will always go the extra mile and care and give all she can, but for a price! And the price for Patti is appreciation, not money. So this was a big no-no for Patti and she did not take it nice.
What can I say, I am biased, but I will say it anyways – let’s get out of here. It doesn’t look like the dream job, and I am sure more projects and work will come as the economy get better. If staying somewhere – let’s do it at a place and company that could work for the longer term.
WalnutGroveRVPark 003Thursday, January 13th, 2011 – Got up with Patti today and could not go back to sleep. Once I am up – I am up. After Patti left I organized the RV a little, and made another cup of tea (No coffee - we are out of sugar) and started catching up with work. Took Diva for her morning walk and that’s about it.
I have work to do, and many things to. I am not bored in the sense that I have nothing to do.I have plenty, but I am at the RV alone. Wil left a comment yesterday and suggested that I will go out and explore a little, see people and be seen. You are so absolutely right, Wil, if that is going to be our new place and way of living – that is what I am going to do. The Gym, the JCC, maybe a synagogue I don’t know yet where, but I am sure there are plenty of things to do.
I would like to share with you something – I am not depressed, and not even in a bad mood all day long. If we will end up staying here I will learn to live with it, and find somehow how to fill my day with activities, but this is not nearly the same as the excitement of Full-Time RVing. I was never so happy in my whole life. It just fits my lifestyle and desires. At least now.

And they lived happily ever after

I really wonder what you think.. How can you compare happiness and finances?
If someone doesn’t have a job and needs money to survive – that is a different story, but let’s state the conditions:
  • You have just enough income that allows you to live fine. That is – enough to buy food, gas, pay for campground and utilities, and maybe a little extra.
  • You have an opportunity to make some extra money, but that implies you stop doing what you love doing, and stay at a place you never even planned to visit.
  • To make it a little harder – say also that this is not a job that is easy to find, and not easy to leave. It takes time for a company to train and bring up to speed an employee – and leaving after a year or two would not be fair.
What would you do?


  1. I think, you will be like me ( Sam,) and never get used to being home all day alone,Since I fully retried last April I get stir crazy all the time, actually the almost three months I was up in PA providing nursing for my sister , besides being away from my immediate family,was a rewarding time, although long hours I had something to do with some of my time,Here at home, the couple nights Donna comes straight home instead of the restaurant, I look forward to having a hot meal prepared for her, and I don't might the laundry and other tasks I find around here during the day to keep bust. not to mention the computer,If you have enough in savings to finance a trip south I am sure you find a a campground to work camp at until you guys back into your field.I think that is what I would suggest rather than being in a place you can't tolerate. Have Faith, The Lord will provide for you, I know. WE will pray for a solution for your problem. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Patti is too good a person to put up with the crap they are dishing out!! She needs to realize that being unhappy and dreading going to work everyday takes a toll on any ones health. She doesn't need that. Just tell the employer thank you, sorry it didn't work out. Pull up stakes and head anywhere that makes you happy!!!!! Once again~~life is short~~grab happiness while you can.

  3. I may be whipped, but the fact is, I'd do whatever it is that would keep my wife happy.

    Unlike you, however, I am perfectly happy at home alone. Before my wife's injury at work, I was alone at least 12 hours a day. I enjoy cooking, am less thrilled with the necessary evil that is cleaning and dishes. I have been doing laundry for almost fifty years - it's no biggie. I worked from home during my first marriage, so I took care of 80% all chores at home. So my situation is very different, that's all. In your place, if I was unable to convince Patti to rethink this move after a month, I'd grin and bear it. Because what makes her happy should be a possibility for happiness for you.

    Although, it seems a shame that Patti can't find what she likes to do elsewhere, say Cupertino, California or in the Phoenix or Tucson area. Or my favorite, New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Do note, however, that it is usually Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I hang my hat in winter. Because that is where my wife's family is located, that's why.