Jan 11, 2011

Thermodynamics anyone

It is all about the temperature and the dynamics of life these days (hence Thermodynamics) – things are changing fast, breaking the boredom and give me something to share with you. The Cold Spell has started and some new opportunities popped up. Flipping everything all over again
Merriam, KS winter scene

First day at work

Monday – January 10th, 2011 – It was around 5:30pm when Patti called me to pick her up. The roads were not near as bad – the traffic was not so busy and the snow was plowed. Patti came home with mixed feelings. They liked her and welcomed her, but she was put at the same level with the other 2 programmers that are much less experienced than her. The company is also recovering from a very old-school attitude that was dictated by the previous president. Formal dressing, no cell phones, no coffee, no this no that…
Winter RVAll in all it seem like Patti may pursue this avenue. Emphasizing *seem* as it turned out. We came back home and realized that the extension cord for the hose heater got some snow and ice buildup, and the GFI has closed that circuit, but the water did not freeze yet. I borrowed a new extension cord from my neighbor (very nice young guy – Patti says Good-lookin’) and had to run and get a different one from Home Depot.
My neighberhoodCity living, remember? Home Depot is around the corner. We also decided to grab a bite outside. Stopped at the Depot, Patti got some groceries, and we went to some China Buffet. The worst place for me – I need to lose weight, not gain weight, but I love Chinese food. In the country we have only what is at home. No Chinese temptations.


It you want to make someone confused – give him a choice. An old Arabic saying. We came back to the RV and Patti found an email from a colleague of ours. This guy works in the same field as us for over 20 years. Our ways have crossed several times in different occasions and projects – very nice person and very professional. It turns out that he got hired as the IT director of a company that is looking for developers. This is the company that Patti wanted to work for to start with. This email came ironically one day after Patti started.I know she would have never started had she known there is a fair chance to get that other job. But this is life! Observe and ride the opportunities!
So now what? I think Patti still prefers this new job. Problem is – they will not know until late February. Wish they could get an answer earlier so Patti is not attached or get committed here in KS. The sooner – the better. I prefer the other company ten folds – more organized, managed by a professional, and they will get 2 for one as I will always be in the background with help and advise (if they would want of course).
I also prefer the NW part of the US over KS. There is so much more to do and explore in this area, and the climate is moderated by the ocean. Mild summer, mild winter – perfect for us!
To make it even sweeter – we may not even have to give up RVing – they are very open to telecommuting when adequate. So Patti will be in the office when necessary, but there are going to be other times where we would be able to work on the road remotely, as we are doing right now with our own customers.
The Cold Spell begun
Tuesday – January 11th, 2011 – Yet another Binary date – 11-1-11 Smile
Diva in the snowWoke up to a colder RV. It is not cold, but when the temperature outside is 2 (two) degrees – you feel every crack and window. I hope the gas company are going to drop a bigger gas tank outside our RV. They promised to come this afternoon.
Took Diva for a walk. No, no problems this time. She is clean and I am happy! but it is bitter cold outside. My hands and face are freezing. Never thought I would need a carhartt here. Diva had some snow fun, and after a little while we returned to the RV. If nothing major would happen – I plan to work most of the day. Patti drove herself to work so I don’t have the truck today anyways.
It is warming up outside – already 4 degrees – almost summer ;) at least the water is still running. Hey you have to  find the good side in every situation, right?
So with many more options and hopes we are taking one day at the time.


  1. I hope the new offer goes through for you two, at least the Pacific NW is a little warmer and not as much snow if you stay out of the mountains. You have to take chances in life to move forward. We will pray your course is smooth and you have good luck. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Hang in there...if you can tough out the cold, Patti can always say that the job just isn't working out due to the weather, etc. and then take the new job. Things will work out...hugs to you both!!