Jan 22, 2011

Its not about that

Last post, Jerry and Suzy one of the long time followers of this blog made a comment. They said that it seems like everybody are writing about that weather lately (and they are right). It reminded me a saying that Tiana, the smart pretty daughter of Brenda – the host of the campground in WI once said – “I am not scared of the dark. I am scared of what’s in the dark”. So there – I am not writing about the weather, but about what’s in the weather
IL_Dec04_ 062No we are not there yet, but getting ready. A picture from our visit to Eilat on 2004.

Wheww it was a long day today.

WalnutGroveRVPark 001Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 – Got sick of the full tanks so I tried to wrap some heat tape around them. That worked just fine until the very end. The heavy solid hose simply broke and a tanned ice tube was exposed in the middle of the spring that was in my hand, that just seconds ago used to be a hose.
WalnutGroveRVPark 010Tried to unhook it from the RV – and a popsicle of iced was exposed out of the outlet pipe. My good neighbor offered me some strong lights to heat and melt the ice. That was a great idea! we connected the lights and started talking. I told him our plans to leave on Monday and he said – with all the snow the piled in front of your RV – no way you can get out. WalnutGroveRVPark 020The owner of this RV Park is plowing the snow and piling it up in front of the RV, as if to say – you are stuck here! On top of that they are predicting 7” of snow tomorrow/ Yuck! He borrowed me a snow shovel and I cleared the are in from so we can hook up.
WalnutGroveRVPark 018The guy is very young, in his early 30’s, working in the aviation industry and travels from site to site with his RV. In his storage unit he has what most people won’t have in their garage – full of tools, and on top of that – he pulls behind a trailer with a nice Harley. He lives by himself, but hey – don’t get excited – he is engaged, just bought a house and going to settle down in the next couple months. So you might have to pass on that one.
He has a dog with him that I can’t even pronounce his breed, but apparently this is some kind of a daemon in a dog. He can snap and kill in a blink of an eye without warning, after seconds before that you bad pad him and he will lick your hand and wage his tail.
Patti – my brave wife who is also a certified dog trainer, thought this monster is cute. so she plays with him, and swooof – the dog his on her face. Broke both her lips, and hit her front tooth that is now not to sturdy anymore. Did not fall yet, but it is movin’. So Patti now has swollen lips and she disallow me to capture the moment and share any photos. I asked her to put a sticker on her shirt that says “It wasn’t my husband this time” but she won’t.
WalnutGroveRVPark 021After all the blood was dried out, I was back to the sewer business. The ice at the end of the hose melted enough so I could pull our the brown plug. I connected our standard hose, and opened the valve…. and… nothing. still clogged. Had to move the lights a little further in towards the middle where an L shape elbow is, to heat that area. In the meantime Patti ran to Wal-Mart again to get a new hose. When she was back, the powerful lights did their job and the water finally started flowing. So at least we have empty tanks again.
We took the hose in, and wrapped it with the heating tape, on top of that insulation materials with zip locks and duck tape. it looked like a space shuttle silver shiny hose. weird looking… Remember that this is only for couple days!!
took the thing out, switched with the other hose connected everything to the electricity and opened the valve. hopefully this thing will hold. At least we are empty now!

Food Time

WalnutGroveRVPark 023In the spirit of emptying the freezer we had a great big dinner tonight. First – there is still some Jambalaya left from two days ago. Then, lots of spaghetti sauce with meatballs from yesterday, and on top of that some Brussels sprouts and dinner rolls. WalnutGroveRVPark 024Lots of food for two people, and one dinner. Can’t even freeze it, so most of it will have to go to waste I am afraid. I can already hear about the children in Africa and Asia and the hunger in Russia and Biafra. We will give it to our neighbor’s dog. Well no – we bit Patti. we will figure it out..
Tomorrow we still need to finish up with work and errands, and Monday morning we are moving to the workshop, packing and….
3 more more days!!
Like always – it was my pleasure to have you here with me, even for a short while! See you soon!


  1. Geeez~~I hope Patti is okay!!! Poor thing !! That's terrible!!! Sorry y'all are having so many problems!! Should have stayed in Dew, Texas and played with your Texas friends. Wishing you nothing but happy days from now until you leave. Where will Diva stay?? Are you still planning one having the additional Solar Panels installed?? I love that you are doing that. You are our inspiration for full timing!!! See ya' on the blog tomorrow!!!

  2. That is quite a time you are having over there with all that snow & icy cold weather & now poor Patti has a nasty encounter with a dog. Some days you just can't win for losing:(( Hang in there, ground hog day is coming soon so there may be some hope for this nasty bit of weather yet. And speaking of weather, the reasons so many of us talk about the weather is because we come from a climate with 4 seasons of substantially changing weather. Aside from the Monsoons here in Arizona they basically don't have any weather to talk about. Everyday is basically the same as the day before. So yes, by all means......talk about the weather because it is life threatening, it is real & it is upon you!!

  3. Egad!! Give Patti a big hug from me... So glad you got to dump the tanks though....

  4. Hey everyone, I am ok, the bite could have been worse this dog is the devil dog. It is a breed that one moment he is nice the next it can turn on you. It is even aggressive toward its own owner. I happen to be petting him and all of a sudden he just jumped up and bit me on my upper lip and loosend my front tooth and then i turned my back to protect my face and i got a nice bump on the back of my head from him trying to bite me again. The dog is a bit aggressive. Then he calmed down again. But thanks for all your concerns, I appreciate it, I would not let Motty take any Pictures of my mouth because it does not look good, it looks like, I was punched in the mouth.


  5. Now that's a dog I would not allow to live. That's a real menace to all -- can you imagine a young child being attacked like that? The owner would be hauled to jail and sued for damages.

  6. Patti found the breed name of that dog. It is

    Perro de Presa Canario

    one site describes this breed as:
    "Originally bred to guard and fight with cattle, an attack by this dog has been described as hopeless for the victim. They are a guardian breed with man-stopping ability, incredible power and a complete lack of fear."

    but according to Wikipedia:
    "Presas are of strong character and are dominant animals requiring early socialization and obedience training.In some situations, the Presa can be aggressive toward other dogs and suspicious of strangers. Once the dog has been properly socialized and trained this becomes the exception rather than the rule. Many Presas share their homes with children, other dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals."