Jan 24, 2011

All my bags are packed

That’s it. Almost. All my bags are packed, I am ready to go. Very excited to go and visit Israel and see my family after so long. I am also exited to see some sun and warmth, meet some childhood friends, except there is one thing that mad my upset today.
RiversideKS 007

I hate being lied to

It’s all about cellular companies, I hate it when they couldn’t care less about promises they made and the just laugh at you. This time it is Verizon. On September 4th last year we went to their store and switched from AT&T. The whole story is here but to make a long story short, I took a simple phone because I wanted to wait and see how the Windows Phone 7 is going to look like, and wasn’t sure yet about the Droid. So today was the day we decided to make the switch – Patti is not so happy with Droid after all, and would love to go back to iPhone. I don’t mind the Droid, so we called to get the new iPhone that just became available with Verizon.
This is the phone I haveThe Customer Service guy told me  that I am not eligible for an upgrade, and that  simple simple phone that I have is under contract for two years… WHAT!! I yelled? This is not what I was promised! I took specifically the simplest phone (that probably worth $40) so I can choose my phone later.I would have never taken such a cheap phone and commit for two years!! this doesn’t make any sense. “Sir, this is the contract you signed”.  This is all they could say. This is BS! I was so mad!!! It did not help to talk to the supervisor of the supervisor. All the notations on the account as of a sudden disappeared, This is rip off, dishonesty,. taking advantage and abusing their power. Being so mad I think I am going to cancel the service, and lower the contract to the bare minimum. I will trash the phone (as I can not use this technology with any other company) and advertise the bad service and dishonesty if this company as much as I can.
I hate being lied to, and being taken advantage of like that!!

Last day in KS

Monday, January 24, 2011 – So after I vented a little (I am sure you will hear about it again) I can talk about the rest of the day. Busy morning today. It is not so common that I have conference calls in the morning, but today I had 3!!!! We planned to pack and move this morning, but I got stuck until after 11:00am with conference calls. In the meantime Patti took Diva to the boarding kennel, and by the time she got back – I was ready to go. She is the best!! I think I am so lucky!!
ExodusPatti climbed on the roof and swept the snow and ice accumulation from the slide tops, while I disconnected the big propane tank and reconnected our house propane back to the system. When Patti pushed in the slide, we heard that dreading yet familiar noise of a skipping tooth of the slide gear – the same problem we used to have on our Sandpiper. Oh no… Nothing bad yet, it still goes in and out OK – but we don’t like the sound…
The RV is inspected by the service guysFinally drove out of this RV park after way too many days and way too many cold nights. It was a good feeling to get out of here. It wasn’t the place or the people that we did like, Kansas might be a very good place to those who like it, but we could not connect to the area, and we do not like camping in a city and in a cold weather. So overall – it was not a good experience for us, and we were happy to leave it behind.
We arrived Premier Coach RV Center in Riverside, MO – about 14 miles north of the campground, and met the service guys. We explained to them all we wanted, and as they promised – they provided us with a full hook-up place for the night in their back lot. Hopefully by the time we are back from Israel our unit will be all ready for dry camping – we are adding couple more solar panels and couple more batteries. Just noticed – the RV is so filthy from the outside from all the bird poop and rotten berried that fell from the tree above us. When we are back we will have to scrub it!
Ran again to Wal-Mart, got couple last gifts for my family, all is packed in three big suitcases (one and a half are gifts) and we are sitting and watching the second hand moving.
Actually – still wrapping up last items and checking that all is packed.
Tomorrow – I might be able to squeeze a short update from Philly airport, and then, the next time is going to be from the Holy Land!


  1. Rusty and I wish you and Patti safe and happy travels ♥

  2. You guys have a safe journey, it's along one that's for sure, we look forward to seeing your holiday pictures with your family, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  3. That's a nice break you have coming up from all the nasty cold weather. I can't imagine having to stay in an RV in that kind of bitter cold & snow. It was bad enough in a sticks & bricks for over 60 years:(( Safe travels:))

  4. Don't forget a couple of books for the flight.

  5. Sending you an email about Verizon...