Feb 1, 2011

Cold Rainy Day

Don’t feel too bad for me. Patti is freezing and my mom is wearing a jacket, but still mad at me for walking with shorts. It is freezing 61 today. Poor us…
Jordan (Aqaba) from Eilat
Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 – We flew all the way from the US across the Atlantic, over 5,000 miles but can’t get away from work. The emails phone calls and messages are not stopping, and although I notified everybody and requested that only emergencies and bugs will be handled, everything became urgent. Dormant projects came alive and I I just got swamped. Even getting up at 5:00 and working till 1:00pm full 8 hours, is not enough.
The good thing is that the last couple days were cloudy and a little colder. Nothing to worry about – still in the 60’s but too cold to jump to the sea.
Amit at Casa de BrazilYesterday we went to eat at a good Brazilian Restaurant – Casa De Brazil. It was my dad, My daughter Patti and I. Excellent food and very relaxing atmosphere – just in case you drive through the city and wonder where to eat.
Today it was Cecille birthday. Cecille is a great young lady that helps my mom as she is getting older. She became part of the family and we all love her very much. We took her to a nice dinner in an outdoor restaurant. Guess what? The owner is a friend of mine from high school! So cool to meet so many friends Smile
Cecille's BirthdayCecille didn’t expect it, and when they served the little cake and Ice Cream and sang Happy Birthday – she realized it was for her, and cried from Joy. That was an exciting moment for us all. She did not see her family in the Philippines for over 4 years.
I hope the pressure will go down this week. I really don’t want to spend all the time sitting and working here. I could have done that in the US. I plan to go tomorrow to the beach and have some fun! (and beer).


  1. Glad to see you had a good day with family and Cecille had a great Birthday, looks to me like all the Ladies in your life are all extremely attractive, lucky you.61 degrees isn't bad, we started our Blizzard this morning you can check in the progress on our blog, where your trailer is should be getting about the same as it came in through Kansas.Like I said if you can swing it don't be in a big hurry to fly back. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. It's 2:30 PM here and 21 degrees~~Like Donna said, If you can, don't rush back. Kansas is Blizzard status. Your pictures are beautiful!! I know you are having a great time. Just shut everything off and tell them it's a power failure!!! Enjoying your blog as always!! Tell Patti "Hi"~~

  3. Be glad you aren't in the Midwest........ Blizzard and the temps are to be way below zero by Thursday morning!! Bring back some of that wonderful weather. Enjoy your family as long as you can!!! Those memories will be priceless.

    Safe travels