Feb 3, 2011

Cutting it short

Let me start at the end, and I will back up. We are in the US. As a matter of fact in KS. instead of staying longer we cut our trip short 3 days, and rushed back to the US, running away from the ex. Again.
The Market

Plans and Actions

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 – It is Thursday today and we have lots of plans. Tomorrow we are planning to attend a Shabbat Eve at my sister, and on Saturday morning a good friend from work and his wife are coming down to Eilat from Tel Aviv especially to meet us. Saturday night we would like to go out with Avivit, a friend from High School and have some fun.
Sunday, we thought we will spend with my Parents just before we go, and Monday, we will drive to Tel Aviv area and meet with friends and family there for a day. That’s it. Tuesday morning we are scheduled to fly back.

Smells Tastes and Sights

Breakfast PitaI drove all over the town today running some errands, and taking some pictures of the ordinary stuff. Not the glorified attraction but pictures from the every day life. I took a picture of a staffed Pita Bread – the most common Israeli bread, stuffed with lunch meat and vegetables, Neighberhooda residential neighborhood up town, a bank branch, you know – the regular staff, thinking how tonight I am going to write a new post for the blog and talk about life in Israel, and the differences in culture…

And then it all changed,

Produce at the MarketAll the plans disappeared. To understand what happened you need some history and background. not much. So here it goes: My ex-wife lives in Israel. She was my first wife and the mother of my two wonderful daughters. we were married just short of 9 years, until it broke. It was not a bad or ugly separation, we just decided we would be better off alone. At the bankAll went just fine until 2005. At that time, after living away from my girls for so many years, I came to Israel and planned to stay there around 5 years closer to my girls who were young teens at the time (until they turn 18 and go to the army). When I came to Israel, I did not have a job, and had hard time paying my support. I was looking for a job and needed some time. I asked my ex to be patient until I will find a job, and she agreed.
Our neighbor - Egypt Consulate One morning, my dad calls me and asks to me to go with him to the bank – they called and said something is wrong.  My dad works on an account under my name (This is another story). Turned out – my ex-wife put a lean on the account. That was only the iceberg. It was late November when we arrived Israel, and within less than a month a whole attack was carefully planned. I got a court order preventing me to leave the country, the account was stopped and I was literally black-mailed to pay stupid and unreasonable amount that were never owed. What else could I do – I don’t have a job, just trying to settle in, and in less than a month I am taken to court. It took me 5 months until I could finally leave the country bitten, and humiliated. My ex won this battle. She lost cooperation with me, she took the benefit of the father live close by from our daughters, and put an end to any communication or cooperation in regards to our girls.
Spices and GrainsSo now, with this in mind, I can continue my story. My ex-wife calls me. She tricked my daughter to get my cellphone number in Israel. She says “I am trying to talk to you in a good way, you know you still owe money and need to pay for the girls…blah blah blah”. As you know – both of my girls are over 18, I don’t need to pay her nothing! All the fights lawyers, and humiliation of being stranded immediately came to my mind. I told Patti – we are leaving Israel, now!! I wasn’t sure if I already have an court order against me, or of it is just the beginning. Since it was Thursday night, court offices are closed until Sunday Morning, so that gives us some time. Israel being a Jewish country, have Friday and Saturday off. Sunday is a normal work day.
We cancelled the dinner with my colleague, told my parents we are leaving, packed everything, and Friday morning drove to the airport. Our flight did not leave until late evening, but we had a long drive from Eilat.
That was the end of this visit. 3 days short because of a mean ex-wife that ruined it again. But we still got to enjoy my family, my friends and my daughter. Great memories! we will come again.
Next blog – I will tell you about our adventures coming back here. That is another story…
Thanks for stopping by and listening, So until next time


  1. Motti & Patty so sorry to hear of your misfortune,It's to bad your ex decided to cause trouble for you, I was lucky and managed to be employed the whole period of 13 years that I had to pay child support, That has always been one of my pet peeves in life,I don't say that a man shouldn't live up to his obligation to his children, but in most cases the kid's see very little of the money, my ex used to cash her checks at a Liquor Store. Maybe just to aggravate me who knows. Anyway Thank God you got to spend some quality time while it lasted with your family, and you weren't stopped at the airport, that could have been a nighmare. Almost all families have their share of drama.Let us know what your plans are from here, be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  2. What a terrible shame to have to cut the visit short, and to be put to the embarassment, humiliation, threat, trouble to have to become virtually a fugitive. Glad you are back to Kansas and safety.

  3. So sorry you had to cut your trip short. Won't say what I think of your ex~~Happy you and Patti are back in the states safely!!! I'm sure you will head for warm places!!!