Feb 7, 2011

The move begun

After staying in Kansas city area for so long, we finally moved. Almost didn’t. Still cold, still in KS but moved. Hopefully tomorrow we will get even warmer.
Sunset from our campground in Arkansas, KS
Monday, February 7th, 2011 – Woke up this morning much later than yesterday. I think it was 6:00am or so. Still very early for me, but we are getting used to the local time. Patti did not feel good this morning. She actually started to feel bad last night, but woke up noxious and with a strong headache,
Although we are very eager to get out of here, I didn’t think it is a good idea to travel when Patti feeling so bad. I called the shop to ask them to wait with the RV one more day, but they already took the RV out of storage, and it was waiting for us in front of the store.

So we are moving after all!

Diva meets PattiAfter a quick breakfast at the hotel I packed everything and loaded the suitcases into the truck. We drove to the boarding kennel, some 30 miles south of us, in a town called Olathe, KS. They schedule little Diva for grooming tomorrow but she is going to miss it. Poor Diva. They just gave the little lady a bath and did her nails, added some perfume – and she was ready to go!
The RV Ready to go by the shopAfter the usual show of the owner being so sad to say good bye to Diva (yeah right) we were on the way to the shop. Diva was extremely happy to unite with the rest of the family and licked our faces as if it was chocolate cream. The RV waited for us outside ready to hook up and go. Much easier than Saturday :) Got everything hooked up and we were finally on our way south
I punched in the GPS Carlsbad Caverns. It is 930 miles away, but even a 1,000 miles journey starts with the first step. Excited we hit the road and start driving south.
Along he way southMost of the way was flat! the white snow slowly disappeared and the temperature raised from a freezing 22 to a nice 43 as we headed south on I-35.

Back to iPHONE

Oh – I forgot to tell you. Patti did not get along with Android. They had a big fight and Patti decided she wants her iPhone back! We also were mad at Verizon for not keeping up their promise. Now that they have iPhone they think they can do whatever they want, but sure enough – they will lose customers one by one. Just like they lost me yesterday.
Frozen Lake along the wayI cancelled the contract on one of the lines, and got Patti a shiny iPhone from AT&T. So now I have a Verizon HTC Incredible Android, and Patti has an AT&T iPhone 4. I love my Android, and Patti loves her iPhone. It even has a bright pink cover with hearts!! (I am not going to use it!!!) I guess you need to be an Android kind of person to get along with it.
Parked at Oasis CampgroundAnd why do I tell you all of that? Because now, as we drive we have a application that shows us the closest campground. Actually there are few of those, and Patti is using the Passport America application. Just after 4:00pm when we were ready to stop for the night (We got to work a little too) Patti looked up and found some campground just 4 miles north of the OK border. So here we are, staying here for the night and trying to catch up with work before we hit the road again tomorrow morning.
Now that I got Android - I also have Google Latitude turned on, so you can see now in real time where I am at on the badge here on the right – the one that says where am I. When I drive you can actually refresh the page and see me moving. I also try to “Check In” with Facebook Places, so that if one of you is around – we can see each other and maybe make some plans to meet. That would be cool!
Patti still not feeling the best, but she is much better than this morning. I think she caught something from someone on the airplane. Because of her Lupus she takes immune suppressants, and catches anything very easy. Airplanes are the worst – too many people in one place for a long period of time. But she’ll be al ’right! she is strong!!
So what else is left to say? Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow from somewhere else south of here.


  1. Good to see you guys are heading south, we are in the teens with a low of 6 predicted for tonight,if it gets up to 43 I will be getting shorts out of the drawer. Be safe out there, like your map thingy that shows where you are.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna....

  2. Motty I am glad you made it back safely to the USA. Even though the ex- wife was the cause of your early departure I think leaving the region was probably a good idea. I just caught up with your last eleven entries. Quite the trip with too many tribulations. I hope things go better for you at the Caverns.