Feb 19, 2011

Have you been to Stay

Patti and I were debating tonight were should be our next stop. We are planned to leave tomorrow and go west towards Phoenix. After looking at campgrounds and the weather channel, we decoded unanimously – we are going to Stay! Have you been there?
Cliff Dwellings view from the second Cave


Friday, February 18, 2011 – I think I jumped ahead a little with the title. I will get back to it a little later, but for now – let’s start with a short jump to yesterday.
I am not sure what was it that made us decide to resume a tradition we had in the past. Being in Israel, dealing with many Israelis here in the US, whatever it is, we decided to restart and celebrate the Shabbat Evening – a very fundamental and basic Jewish tradition. Not with all the prayers, songs and laws and rules – but the basic. Bake a Challah and a nice dinner, light the candles and bless the house, drink and bless on the wine on the bread and on the food – the core.
Preparing beef one piece at a time Patti planned on cooking all day today. We stopped last night at Wal-Mart and got all the ingredients for the Beef Bourguignon, and some more. That was a nightmare shopping last night – all the night shift people were restocking the shelves, and each and every one of them had its own little boom box playing full blast some type of rap music, to the point you could not hear or talk. Rap is not exactly my favorite Genre either. Came back and work till late to compensate for the time we are off.
A whole bottle of wine disapearedAll forgot about Diva and her vet appointment, but the alarm clock at 7:00am reminded me. This is the first time I use the alarm clock on the droid, and turned out that the alarm is not compatible with some other application I have, and the alarm would not shut off, until I turned off the phone completely. What can I tell ya – I am not a morning person. You should have seen me, no take it back… You shouldn’t have seen me that morning.
Turns out the vet is just around the corner from here. Took Diva to the vet, came back and sat down to work. Between the conference calls and the programs a write – the time flew by. In the meantime – Patti is working on this super complicated dish and the smells are already in the air!
Fresh Challah Bread from the ovenShe cuts the beef piece by piece, drying it with a towel, petting it, talking to it, and laying it on a special plate with its friend beef pieces that went through the same process. A whole bottle of wine disappeared somewhere inside this dish…
Shabbat Dinner TableWhile the wine was reduced and the Challah was baking Patti ran to the vet to get Diva. I had a conference call planned at 6:00pm. Why? because this customer is not in the US so I make time adjustments. We tried to shoot for 6:30 or 6:45 but the phone call lasted until 7:30, the Challah bread was cold, and the food had to be reheated,. Patti was disappointed. After a full day of work and preparation she wanted it to be perfect.
Finally had our Shabbat dinner – and the food was nothing short of Devine!! Patti knows her cooking. Had a great dinner and went to bed looking forward for exciting day tomorrow.


Saturday, February 19th, 2011 – Now that’s what I was talking about when I said we need to work some and have some fun! Once or twice a week to go out and look around – that’s awesome!
CliffDwellings 055On the map today was the Cliff Dwellings National Monument – 44 miles north of Silver City. We were not quite sure what did the sign mean when it said – 44 miles, driving time 2 hours. How come? Is it for mules? Actually not – it was meant for cars. Hwy 15Hwy 15 is the road that takes you to the park, and it is as enjoyable as the monument itself. A narrow windy road (Mountainous, as the sign says) without center line, very sharp curves that you cannot see if there is a car coming or not. Just trust the common sense of the other drivers to slow down and move to the right as much as possible on those curves.
Views were breathtaking. Mountains, Ponderosa Pines, Scattered clouds in blue skies, and even some snow here and there on the side of the road. It was around 60 degrees outside – a beautiful day for a hike.
CliffDwellings 013
It took us just about two hours to get there. We stopped at the visitor center to stamp our National Parks Passport, take some brochures and head out to the sire itself, 2 miles away.
One of the bridges on the trail to the cliffThe trail was not too long, and let us along a small stream with small wooden bridges crossing it from side to side. At one point the trail start climbing up, towards the cliff where the caves are. I think the climb was just a little over 100 feet, and we realized – we need to do more of those!! There is only one tour a day, at 1:00pm, and guess what – it was 1:00pm when we got there. We joined a group of people that was there, and followed our guide showing us those three main caves. the place was initially occupied for only 25 years (1175 – 1200) and the initial residents left. It was used again several times after that and you can actually find a corn basket filled with corn that is 200 years old.

By he end of the tour we came back the same way we came up. That was much easier. Wonder why… Patti started to get a headache so we didn’t explore much more. We headed back to the campground enjoying the mountain views and the back roads on the way back.

Decision Time

Morning sky from our back windowOK, so we are going tomorrow, but where? One option was to drive through Breer – a small mountain town on hwy 60. I started to look up campgrounds in the area – but they are all closed. Opened May thru October. This doesn’t sound good. I found some campgrounds closer to a bigger towns on the way – Eager and Pinetop Lakeside. On their website you could see advertisements to their winter activities – Ski!!! Oh no,, No thank you!
Old building in old Pinos Altos on Hwy 15Short visit to the weather channel assured us that this path is a spring-summer path. At least for us. So we looked on an alternative path. Coming from the south. The distance to Apache Junction is only about 215 miles, and in that area you could find many campgrounds, except they are called resorts, priced extremely high and offer some swimming pool and family activities. That could be great for those who are looking for a resort, but I am looking for a nice place to stay to meet with some friends. And then the penny dropped. We don’t have much to see in Phoenix because we not city people. We are there just to meet friends, and we are not going to have much time to see them until the weekend anyways, so …
So we are staying here. We will move towards the end of the week, maybe Wednesday or Thursday, stay there through the weekend and continue. So that’s it – We are going to Stay. Many places to see around, and the RV Park is not bad.
Man – that was a long one! Did you read all of that? You are the one! Thanks though! (I wrote it :) – Stay on with us, leave a comment and see you next post…


  1. Found your blog through a link to your Internet post. Although we won't be working (at least that's not the plan so far), we are heavy internet users (blog, photography, and videography), so we're on the lookout for solutions for when we start full-timing in a few years.

    Anyway, enjoyed reading your blog the past couple of days ... have subscribed to an RSS feed and will be following along.

  2. We like the park you visited and the scenery along the trail. Glad to see you finally got to enjoy that great meal Patti made for you, you are a lucky man, to have her. be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  3. I haven't commented in awhile, but read daily~~My favorite in awhile was Valentines Day dinner!!! Especially Pattie and the Eggplant!! What a hoot!! Your Friday night dinner looked wonderful!! Patti~~What a challenge in such a small kitchen!! And the Challah Bread looks beautiful! Everything in Texas is great~We are to show the house this afternoon~~prayers that he loves it~~Enjoy your STAY in STAY lol~!!Hugs to you both♥♥

  4. If you want to stay near Tuscon for a while, check out this park: http://www.diamondjrvpark.com/

    I haven't stayed there but have visited there. Ellie & Jim, Mike & Janna - who you met @ Al & Kellys last year - have both stayed there. Not sure of the monthly rate, might call and check on that and the wi-fi.

  5. your posts are always so interesting and with pictures. Love New Mexico........ it is beautiful!!

  6. I enjoyed cooking the Beef Bourguignon, it takes a long time to make but when it done it is so worth it and the day after the flavor of the wine soaks in even more and the flavor is even better.

    The Cliff dwelling were worth seeing if you get to silver city it is definitely something you should spend the time to see.