Feb 2, 2011

Footprints in the sand

After a stressful morning we decided to take some time off and walk to north shoreline. The weather was perfect and we had nothing but great time. Our heart was with the people suffering in the US from the storm, but thankfully the rest of the body was here.

Amit (my daughter) and I on the beach

Stressful start

The North ShoreWednesday, February 2nd, 2011 – Man, it’s unbelievable! It’s like all my customers got an urgent need right now! Got an attack from all around the globe this morning, and I don’t know where to start and what to do first. On one hand – those customers are extremely important to me. I would like to give them the best service and quality of work, but on the other hand – the timing is awful!

Hey - I am not here every day, and I would like to spend time with my daughter who joins the army in a week, with my parents, with my childhood friends, and show Patti the city. Yes, she was here before, but every time we are here another aspect of my life and upbringing is exposed. So I am on vacation from work, but told everybody that I will handle urgent matter. Huh – how easy everything becomes urgent….

Almost sunset at the beachLast night, after we cam home, a good friend of mine, that learned with me in high school (there is only one in Eilat) called and invited us to join her and some friends at the bar. Patti was already in bed, but was very interested to go. I knew I am going to get hit in the morning but we decided to go anyways. We had the greatest time meeting those old time friends and listening to all the stories about the city and what’s going on. When we  drove back home and fell asleep it was already around 2:00am.

Queen of Sheba HotelBy 7:00am the phone started ringing… By 11:00 I thought I just had it.  I knew that if I will not put a stop to it, I will end up spending the whole time I am here in from of the computer.

Relaxing End

Patti at the Crocs storePatti wanted to buy more comfortable walking shoes, so we drove down to the Mall Across the Sea (That’s how they call it) and found a Crocs store. Crocs are so popular in Israel, that you can find Crocs Stores everywhere. Patti got a new pair and we continued to walk on the beach.

Herod HotelWe started at the North Western corner and walked East. Passed through the Boardwalk all the way to the bridge, then the Hotels area and continues all the way to the border with Jordan. Patti by the Jordanese border, flag in the BGThere are some amazing hotels in Eilat, two of them are really outstanding in this stretch, The Queen of Sheba hotel, and Herod hotel. The architecture amenities and luxury of those two hotels are among the top you could find in the world. Patti got a freshly squeezed lemonade, and when I say freshly squeezed I mean they cut the lemons in front of you and squeeze them to the cup, put some sugar and ice and there you go. NEW! McFalafelThat’s fresh. Another thing I didn’t see in the US is flavored corn. They brush the corn with some special sauce and then grill it. The flavor is unbelievable. Oh, and speaking of food, have you ever seen a falafel in McDonalds? If you didn’t come over and look! McFalafel – only in Israel

Consolidarity - Thinking about the storm in the USWhile walking on the beach in a sunny day we were just talking about the mess that goes around the world. On top of the revolution in Egypt, the weather is going unrestrained in Australia and North America causing millions of people to suffer from bad weather. Cyclone storm is hitting Australia shore, and a snow blizzard is hitting half of North America. Unbelievable, Here there are no clouds in the sky. We felt finally in the right place at the right time. No one said “It is not normal”.

Amit eating spicy grilled cornAfter we came back from our trip, we stopped by my parents sat with them for a while and watched the news. Nothing good to see. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store and bought some food for the apartment, most of it you can’t find anywhere else. For example – Microwavable Mini-Jachnun – a Yemenite food that became very popular in Israel, together with Yemenite Schug – a spicy paste that has a great flavor to it. Fresh Pita Bread – this is something that you may think you have seen, but forget about it. The Israeli Pita is so different – soft strong and yummy.

Continued home and I am sure I am going to get bombarded shortly again, but at least we had some fun!

The Marina

BTW - thanks for your comment, they are invaluable. I precious every moment I have to spend here with my family, and definitely enjoy here the weather and the atmosphere.

Keep yourself warm! Thanks for stopping by


  1. Run yourself ragged and enjoy everything you can, you can sleep when you get back to the States.

    A McFalafel I think that alone would make the trip worth while and best wishes to your daughter on her new adventure into the Army.

  2. I won't dwell on our weather after seeing the beautiful skies you are having. You are lucky to have it and family all in one. Just get as much as you can out of each day there you can always go back to the grind when you get back, and after all other people have vacations too, so they should be more understanding, I think as a people that is why we here in the USA are looked at by others as selfish and self important.Keep those great pictures coming I can feel the heat of the sun at the beach coming from my screen, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Really nice to read about your visit to your homeland. It looks and sounds like a wonderful place. It's good you are both there now... enjoy each day to the fullest.

    (archh..too bad about the "work stuff" )