Feb 11, 2011

The day the winter died

Oh, I am so happy, you have no idea. The temperature outside actually reached 60 (Sixty, that is a six and a zero, reads sixty) degrees Fahrenheit. No snow, no rain, no heating tapes, no heavy coats, no exploding pipes, no frozen hoses. Sun and a T Shirt. That’s it.
Drinking beer in the sun, with T-Shirt!

A Month to remember

Friday, February 11th, 2011 – Today was just a catching up day, nothing special, yet so many things are happening. First – yesterday my daughter joined the army! I don’t have pictures yet, but one will come soon! In Israel everybody joins the army, so she starts a new chapter in life! Hope she will have a great easy service. I am so happy I got to be with her just before she joined.
Next – in three days Valentine’s day is coming, but this is just an early bird – because two weeks after that, Patti and I  are celebrating our first decade together! This is a great milestone and a reason for a party. If I still feel so much in love after 10 years – I know I did the right choice. Lucky to have a great companion, partner, wife friend and lover like I do.
Celebrating the sunMy oldest daughter is in Israel too, visiting with her sister and the rest of the family. I missed her just in few days, and I miss her very much We got to meet again when she comes back to the US. You hear me, Reut?
Winter hoses still connectedOtherwise – the day was very productive. When the mood is up, the energy is up too. Just after noon, I opened the door and the sun was so bright that I had to get out for a short walk to feel the warmth of the sun rays on my skin. I love it! It it felt so good that I celebrated with a beer, Just me and myself. It sure feels good to be outside with a T Shirt. We are in the south!
The insulated hoses are still outside but they will get folded and put away this weekend when we leave here further west.
ReoranizationPatti was in a reorganize mood today. She took everything our of the kitchen cabinets, cleaned the whole thing and put it back. Differently of course. No idea where to find anything anymore. Then the bedroom was next – all the closet was emptied and reorganized. I am lucky we live in a small house. Can you imagine what it could have been in a bigger house?
Cookies for my diet (Yeah right)Had a great dinner tonight – leftovers from yesterday Open-mouthed smile. Some dishes are just getting better the next day, and this is one of them – Coconut Curry Chicken, one of my fav! If that wasn’t enough we also have a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. Wonder woman! I stole some cookie dough, while Patti was baking. I like it better this way. Why bake it? it is so yummy before the baking…
I wanted to write about my new network setup tonight. I posted about it some time ago, but many things have changed since, so I wanted to give you an update on my current setup. This is a very techy post, so I will keep it for some other time. maybe tomorrow.
Can’t wait to see the caves this W/E – I will take pics and share with you.
and thanks for reading so far! great to have you here!


  1. Let us be the first to congradulate on your tenth anniversary,you guys are still pups, wait another 23 years and you will catch up with Donna & I, I'll share a little secret with you, my friend, they are like a fine wine they get better with age. Glad to see your weather is better, we got above 32 yesterday for the first time in weeks, now they are saying 50 for sunday, so I will get to sit and watch the snow melt.Maybe I'll have a beer while I'm celebrating that.Be safe out there..Sam & Donna...

  2. Happy anniversary to you guys! Tammi (SWMBO) and I will have our 12th this year (April 1 - a family tradition).

    I am so envious of the amount of space you have. I can't conceive of having such wonders as a food processor, a stock pot, multiple baking sheets, etc. unless I am parked at one of our semi-permanent pied a terres.

    Enjoy the caverns but be prepared for getting lame from all the walking. Worth it, though.

  3. lucky you. we have here 2 more month (hopefully). till we get 60 and i can not wait . enjoy. drinks on me ... (dror)