Feb 6, 2011

Harsh Landing

If you read my previous post, you know that the trip back to the US didn’t start right. We had to rush out of Israel, back to the US. But the home was not so welcoming. I will will start with the end and tell you, to this minute we are not home yet.
Arriving to a white US
And so we go
Friday, February 4th, 2011 – We took off just about noon from Eilat, and drove to Ben Gurion airport. this is a 5 hour drive, but our flight did not leave until 11:00pm. We arrived hungry and tired to find out that nothing is open on Friday night!. Since all the restaurant are Kosher, they all close Friday night. Only one food island stayed open with some pre-made sandwiches and pastries.
Patti almost puked from her yellow plastic sandwich (they called it omelet) and settled on dry chocolate croissant. Me, the shredder, I eat anything, but can’t say it was a good dinner.
Waiting in the Israrli airportThe airline counters were closed and were  going to open only at 8:30pm. so we sat on the area outside security waiting for the agents to arrive. When they finally did, we went through the Israel Security machine. Of course they found some shampoo bottle in one of the suitcases and we were taken aside to investigate this severe security breach of the deadly liquid. I think it was Dove.
The airplane finally took off, with us in it, at the very very rear of it. I mean rear like row 45! and no, there is no transportation from the door to the seat. Let me tell you, if you ever fly international don’t sit at the last row. This is the gathering place of the bathroom waiting congregation. In 12 hours and 7 minute flight, everybody goes to the bathroom. Especially after meals! Well, I did not mean meals in the culinary sense, as I know Diva would not even smell that thing that they serve.  But anyways, the members of this special congregation can’t wait in the seat until the bathroom is available, because it will never happen, so they are waiting by the door and start talking. Then the conversation is getting interesting, and they stay even after, to continue the talk, until kicked out back to their seat by the flight attendant.

We landed

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 – Finally, just after 5:00am we landed in Newark. It was still dark outside, and very cold. If you did not fly International. let me tell you that according to the US law you have to pick up your luggage, go through custom and recheck it in at your port of entry to the US. The luggage came right away and we proceeded to the recheck point. This checking point had a doucble functions, it was also the turning point of the trip!
“I think your flight is cancelled”, said the luggage handler. Please go to the service desk. Oh no… Many flights were cancelled doe to weather conditions in NJ, and this flight was one of them. The agent found a flight that arrives at about 6:30pm to Kansas. Now go and explain to the agent that your house is at the shop… and by 6:30 you have no where to go to.
After some explanation and persistence, the agent found a flight of United that leaves at 7:30am. this is less than 45 minutes from now, and she could not book it. “You can run and try at the airline check-in counter”. she said. And so we did. We ran… United are on a different terminal and our chances were slim. Patti did not even want to go, as she did not believe we had any chance.
We arrived. To the United Desk, that is. The agent said – you have one minute to check in! give me your tickets. Eh, hmmm…. the agent at the service desk took them, we have nothing! even not a trip locator. and the arriving flight was with continental – a different airline, so she could not even look it up. What now… only one minute… Somehow the agent finds the trip in the computer and gives us the tickets. She says – you still have to go through security, and the airplane will not wait. Your call. Also – the bags may not arrive with you as this is a late check in.
And so we ran, again. Getting naked at the security, (well. almost – Only jacket, shoes, belt…) We pass the security and ran (yes, again) to the gate with untied shoes, belt in one hand, holding the pants with the other so that they won’t fall down, fighting with the single strap hanging bag that falls off every minute. You should have seen this. OK – we made it. We are sitting in this small Boeing 757, catching our breath, and….
The captain explains that the noise reduction material has a scratch. The technicians are checking if it is within the secured range, taking pictures and sending it to someone else in San Francisco to take a look at it. Most of the people at the plane have already lost heir connections. The agent called out all the people with connections before 10:00am. Out leaves at 10:05am.
Finally they gave the green light. De-icing that took forever, and taking off.. ufff. We landed in Chicago at 9:45, 20 minutes before the next flight.  If you are familiar with O’Hare airport – we landed in Terminal C, and our connection is taking off from Terminal F. That means we need to run to the tunnel, go down to the psychedelic lights tunnel to terminal A, and from there run all the way around to the F terminal at the very end.
And so we run. Again. Did my cardio for the week! but believe it or not – we made it!!! Tiny little regional jet – but we are on it, and it flies to Kansas City. unbelievable!
It was still before noon when we landed, but we felt like we are awake full day already. We started the day at 5:00am… Waiting for the bags was pointless but we did it anyways. For the joy of watching the colorful bags turning around in a carousel. Our bag wasn’t there. As expected. At the baggage office they explained to us nicely that it is our fault, because it is a late check in, so they will not deliver the bags, but  we can come later today and pick them up. I did not have and energy left to even argue anymore. Went outside to take the shuttle to the long term parking.
The truck waited for us, and started right away. Surprise. Drove to the shop to get back our home. In the meantime Patti is trying to get a hold of the kennel to get Diva. No one answers. An answering machine without even the option to leave a message. Nothing. They mentioned that on Sunday at 4:00pm they are open for pickup and drop off.Today they close at noon. That is past. No Diva. Are we stick here again?
At the shop, the guy was happy to see us. They presented me with the bill, and when I asked where is the RV they said – oh – it is in storage, follow me, we will get it for you. huh. Storage? It was a place that belongs to some other business that allowed them to store my RV. Tiny little door that is wider than the RV maybe quarter inch each side. The RV was parked in a way that I could not take it out. They must have used a fork lift to put it in, but there was no way I could drive with the truck, turn it around and take it out. And guess what? They did not connect it to electricity.  Do you know how many times we told them to connect it? Telling them about the catastrophic we had?
But we listened to you guys and the good advice you gave us. There was no meat in the freezer. The RV was parked disconnected only 24 hours (according to them) and when we looked in, the refrigerator was still running on battery and propane.
So where are we now? No dog, no home… no suitcases, in Kansas city – our preferred town!
What a great come back!
Our home untill MondayWe drove to the airport again, and the suitcases were there waiting for us. We found a cheaper hotel and we are stuck in Days Inn until Monday. Could have been worse!
Hope it will get better tomorrow! At least it is not boring… So like always – Thanks for stopping by, Come and check again!


  1. Oh my word!!! You guys really had a time of it...I can't wait till you get south, warm and hopefully find happier times!!!

  2. phweee.. I'm sooo tired & stressed after reading
    this..... Hope you are able to get a REALLY GOOD sleep tonight.

  3. Just in case no one says it........... Welcome home!!!!! Diva will be happy to finally see you and your home will be home again..... just as soon as you get it out of storage. Head south my friends........ seems forever until spring!

  4. Awwwww Geeeezzzz, some people get to have all the fun & excitement.

  5. Don't forget to buy so more shampoo.

  6. Welcome back to the States, what a trip, you will have a story to tell your Grandkids someday.Hope today will be better and you will be back in your home and on your way to better climes. Let us know how it goes, good luck and be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. oh dear..what a stressfull end to a relaxing break away..:(
    nevertheless..t`was a good afternoon`s entertainment to read it through..lol

    שטויות מוטי,,,,העיקר הבריאות
    ח ח ח ח ח

  8. I just thought of something, since you were trying to get back to Kansas and you were fleeing the bad witch all you had to do was buy some RED Slippers and click your heels together three times and you would have magically returned home.

  9. You wouldn’t believe it, but we tried – Problem is they didn’t have red. The closest we found had some blue dots on it, and see where it took us?