Feb 17, 2011

Walk the Catwalk

When thinking about New Mexico, I always imagine flat desert with dry bushes and yellow sand. The Gila National Forest area does not even resemble this image. Mountains, Creeks, water and trees are creating magnificent views and trails in a perfect harmony – all of this was waiting for us today and carried us away from our daily jobs to NM wonderlands

Catwalk 030
Thursday, February 17th, 2011 – When we got here to Silver City, NM we knew we are going to dedicate some time looking around. We decided to dedicated 2 days while we are here to explore, and the rest… to work.


Tomorrow, on Friday, we need to take Diva to the vet to take care of her teeth, and in the evening we wanted to start having a Shabbat Dinner, with Challah and candles and a nice cooked meal. So that is not a good day. On Sunday, we would like to continue our trip west, so today and Saturday are the chosen days.
City Center - Cliff, NMPatti looked up some places around us to explore, and came up with a list. The Catwalk National scenic trail, the cliff dwelling national monument, and Rock City State Park. I had to pick the one for today. Since we did not hike for some time, I was eager to get my shoes dirty on some trails, so after a small research I downloaded topographic map to both our GPS and my Android, charged everything and we were ready to go to the catwalk.

The trip

Catwalk 010So today we got up (not too early), had our coffee, got the cameras and were on our way. We passed through Cliff, a small town on highway 180 on the way, and decided to stop and grab a snack, so that we will not get hungry while hiking. The decision where to stop was easy - Between the gas station, Mini Mart, Fishing shack, School Bus station, and the town garage we chose the one building that was all of the above. Grabbed some Trail Mix, a pop and were back on the way.

The hike

Half mile mark, six niles down the trailThe trail head was some 68 miles away from town, so about an hour later we finally got to the parking lot of the trail head. Jumped out of the car (paid the $3 fee) and started our hike. After about three miles we saw a small mark on the ground that said 1/4. Quarter what? Quarter a Lbs we lost?,  Quarter an hour we walked? don’t know. After three or four additional miles we saw yet another mark that said 1/2. Maybe we are half way? when we reached the marker that said 1 I looked at the GPS and found out – we walked just about one mile – that is five thousands two hundreds and eighty feet. This is how out-of-shape we are.
The trail itself was magnificent. 1.1 miles each way. It goes above the stream and crosses it many times walking on metal mesh floor bridges. On the way there are many smaller water falls, cliffs, and shapes in the white red rock that the water curved in time. The games of light and shade just added to the picture, and deep blue sky with scattered clouds were perfect background to the tree tops.

Back Home

Came back later afternoon, ate left overs from yesterday’s meal (Chipotle Cranberry chicken, Garlic and Onion Zucchini and mashed potatoes) loaded our pictures, and we need yet to go to the grocery store (Wal-Mart of-course) for tomorrows dinner.
On Saturday we will probably go exploring again, and on Sunday – moving day.
until then – keep on checking in. Great you are coming along so far. Thanks a bunch!


  1. Looks like a great day out hiking, glad the weather cooperated with you, All of our snow is now gone and we have had three gorgeous days in a row. Hope to see you all someday, be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. The Catwalk -- did that a few years back, loved it. We spent about a week at Manzano's RV Park south of Silver City, toured the Catwalk, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Pinos Altos, the Silver City Ditch, the museum -- and had a wonderful time. Thanks for the memories. Now we want to go back and do it all over again.

  3. Hi,
    I really enjoyed looking at your photos of the Silver City area! I have many of the same photos! We worked in S.C. for a winter back in 2005-2006 and loved it. The Catwalk, City of Rocks, all of that is wonderful to see and experience!