Jan 1, 2010

All you need is sun, Ta na na na na…

What a perfect start for a new decade! Life is good today! Dolphins, Jurassic Park birds, Treasures in the woods and so much fun! Even a new follower to my blog.

Follow me, where I go…

Friday, January 1, 2010 – What a great day to wake up! After a windy cloudy night and four days of dreary weather the sun was shining this morning pouring golden light and sending welcoming rays of warmth.
image I opened my blog today and found that Al, from The Bayfield Bunch who also writes a blog (a great one BTW) has become a follower of this blog. For me - being just a ‘beginner’ on both full-timing and on blogging – that was a great and pleasant surprise.
I am sure that all of us bloggers love it when people like you, read our blog and participate. That gives a reason to write, and motivation to share and write better stories for you. When I started my blog – every new comment, and any sign that someone actually reads it – is an excitement – So thanks Al and welcome! you made my day!

Give me some Cache please

Do you remember we started the Geocaching game after reading Nick’s blog? so today we decided to look for caches around us, and found 3 caches on the peninsula, and 2 more on Galveston island down the road. Those caches happen to be on the only attraction we could find in this area – Fort Travis, and the light house. So looking for caches off we went.
The first two caches ware ‘Virtual’ caches – where you are suppose to look for an answer to a question using clues found in the cache location. The first one was an old lighthouse that actually sits on a private property. After collecting the hints we drove to Fort Travis – and looked for the next couple caches, one virtual and one regular.
Patti, who is very detail oriented, has found all the caches so far. I know where they are, and get to the right spot, but can’t seem to find them. Besides looking for the caches we have enjoyed Fort Travis. I found out that it was a shelter to people during storms and saved many lives in the past.
Here are some photos from the lighthouse and Fort Travis
BolivarPeninsula 055
BolivarPeninsula 064
BolivarPeninsula 065
BolivarPeninsula 068

Ferry Fairy Far for Free

After finding all three caches on the peninsula, it was still to early to go back to the campground, so we decided to cross to Galveston Island and find couple more caches in a birding trail.
By the ferry landing we found a nice beach – Sterling Beach (although it was full of debris and wrecks that came from the sea). Many birds found their home along the shoreline and we took a nice walk along the beach
BolivarPeninsula 004
BolivarPeninsula 031

BolivarPeninsula 042

Crossing to the Island

This story is better told by photos, so here they are:
BolivarPeninsula 001BolivarPeninsula 047
BolivarPeninsula 117image
BolivarPeninsula 148BolivarPeninsula 132

Chasing the Cache in the Birding Trail

The last couple Caches were on a birding trail by a navy base on the island. While Patti navigated and found both caches (not that I did not try, but she always finds them) I enjoyed the flowers and great wild nature around us. So here it is, Enjoy!
BolivarPeninsula 087
Wild flowers blooming in February
BolivarPeninsula 062
BolivarPeninsula 083
BolivarPeninsula 082
 Patti finds all the caches, I take the pictures :)

I Don’t like Ike

On the way back we noticed many of the houses that got damaged in the last big hurricane – Ike. If you are not local – you may have noticed that all the houses on the gulf are built on stilts. We saw it all the way from southern Alabama to here. This is done to minimize the water damage on stormy weather, but it does not help all the time…
BolivarPeninsula 149image

Closing a wonderful day

We arrived back to the campground just before sunset and enjoyed a great evening watching another show of fireworks under a full moon. Hope that this good start will be the model for all days in 2010. Good Night!
BolivarPeninsula 155

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