Jan 8, 2010

Getting through the weather

Still struggling with the weather, but it is getting better. We are GREEN as one of the reader described here, but at this point, I take green over BLUE. ;)

BolivarWinter 003 Friday, January 8, 2010 - It is 1:15PM and we are warm and cozy inside the RV. The temperature climbed to 72 with the help of 2 electric heaters and the furnace working in harmony to catch up. I turned off the furnace and the heaters are holding the temperature pretty nice.
The weather outside is still windy and cloudy, the temp climbed to 34 but still – no water. We tried other water spigots in the campground but there is no water. Our fresh water tank is empty and I am not sure even if the pump works – we never tried it since we exchanged this RV last month. The RV monitor is giving us trouble since day one, and works sporadically, so the light that indicates that the water pump is running is not working. I will have to wait until the water comes back and test it out.
One of the reader, a long time experienced fulltime RVer has defined us as ‘green’ – and she is absolutely right. We are only 3 months on the road, and learning every day. Some of the learning is fun, and some is… well – not too funny, but no complains here – we love this life style, and adventure is part of it, isn’t it?

BolivarWinter 001
Without water, and without bathrooms on the campground it is getting a little hard, if you know what I mean… so we are hoping the pipes will thaw out sometime today.
We are expecting another cold night just like this one, but we hope the power will hold.
Tomorrow morning the temperatures are expected to rise well above freezing, and that would be the end of this cold spell. 


  1. Galveston
    Forecasts for Texas — Return to U.S. Severe Weather
    Current Severe Weather

    Hard Freeze Warning

    Statement as of 12:11 PM CST on January 08, 2010

    ... Hard freeze warning remains in effect until 9 am CST Sunday...
    ... Wind Advisory has expired...

    The Wind Advisory is no longer in effect. A hard freeze warning
    remains in effect until 9 am CST Sunday.

    Morning temperatures in the 20s will creep back into the 30s late
    this morning then drop back below freezing by this evening.
    Overnight lows will be in the lower 20s over the northern portions
    of the coastal counties to the upper 20s on the coast and on
    Galveston Island.

    Temperatures should be warmer Saturday as abundant sunshine
    combines with a dry atmosphere to warm quickly and by afternoon
    temperatures should reach the upper 30s to lower 40s. But the
    same dry atmosphere and light winds will yield another very cold
    morning on Sunday.

    Winds have begun to slowly decrease but sustained winds near 20
    mph are expected to continue. Winds of this magnitude coupled with
    the cold temperatures will yield wind chill values in the teens.

    Precautionary/preparedness actions...

    A hard freeze warning means sub-freezing temperatures are likely.
    Residents should prepare for extended periods of freezing
    temperatures from late Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning.
    These conditions could kill crops and other sensitive vegetation.
    Sensitive plants and animals will require protection. A hard
    freeze can cause damage to exposed pipes. Begin making plans for
    folks that might need a little extra help... especially the
    elderly and the very Young. Extra protective clothing will be
    needed for anyone expected to be outdoors at these times.

    Drivers of vans... campers... trailers... and other high-profile
    vehicles should be alert to the danger of these winds...
    especially when driving along east to west oriented roads.

    Precautionary/preparedness actions...

    A hard freeze warning means sub-freezing temperatures are
    imminent or highly likely. These conditions will kill crops and
    other sensitive vegetation.

  2. Y'all stay warm down there !!!!!!