Jan 21, 2010

Arizona Days

We left New Mexico in a rush, knowing that we will have to be back probably by the end of next week to finish the repair to our RV. I don’t know when and where will we be after that. On the way we met new people and saw new places. The unplanned is the plan of our life!

Leaving New Mexico

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - Our visit in NM is very short this time around, but it looks like we are going to be back shortly. We wanted to help Belle in Silverado Ranch, and meet Al and Kelly from The Bayfield Bunch and in the meantime I have a business trip coming up and we also need to go back to TX to fix our RV.
In the morning we met our neighbors from the park. They stopped by yesterday and invited us over, so today we went to their RV and socialized with them. They showed us their Business Class truck they use to pull their RV. Very impressive! lots of power and room, and even less gas than my F-250. We had great time together, had espresso and watched some pictures talking about anything from work, to politics to RVing.

Bacon green chile jalapeno cheeseburger

NM2AZ 019 I received a nice comment from a ‘new-old’ follower of my blog – Wesley (Welcome!), and we wanted to take his advice and have a “Bacon green Chile jalapenos cheeseburger with Tots” at the Patio Cafe before we leave town.
NM2AZ 022 We looked for the place in Tom Tom, and the closest restaurant it found was 28 miles away. We tried AT&T Navigator and drove half way to Deming. Finally we decided to go to a gas station, fill gas and ask somebody. When I stepped out of the truck – you got it! there it was – in the middle of town on bright colors – you can’t miss it.
NM2AZ 012
The service was great and Missy our host even recognized Wesley. The place was furnished in a casual country style, simple and homey.
We set down to eat a tasty big sandwiches. Patti ordered a pork chop sandwich and I followed the advice to the tee. Not too spicy but hot enough to water my eyes. I like it this way.

Desert Road take me home

NM2AZ 032 We left town at about 2:00pm and drove west on hwy 9, It was supposed to be rainy and cold today, but it was sunny and warm, so much so that we had to turn on the A/C in the truck! The way to Arizona is pretty much flat and straight with desert landscape and vegetation. Beside border patrol we did not see anything, just few ranches here and there. This time we had enough gas to drive all the way.
NM2AZ 026

Just before we hit Hwy 80, close to the AZ border we saw a group of Mexicans sitting on the side if the road and a bunch of Border Patrol officers around them. I have mixed feelings for those poor people. They want to get better life, better chance, provide brighter future to their kids (there were woman and kids too). On the other hand – we can not hand free tax money and benefits to anyone who wants to come here. Still it is hard to see.
Shortly after we entered Arizona, the mountain part of our trip started. Not too steep but the strong head wind together with the inclines ware a good test to see if our truck can make it. I did not “fly” but I did not stretch the engine either, and that is a good sign.
We arrived to Queen Mine campground just before dark, following the instructions from  a great text message I received from Al explaining to me how not to miss the “easy to miss” turn, we drove right through without any problems. Thanks Al.
NM2AZ 087 From the park you can see the city spread on the hill on one side with its vivid colors and nice buildings, and on the other side – the copper mines and the HUGE pit they made in the ground.
Strange – when I was a kid, my dad worked in a copper mine in Israel. This was an underground mine, and I still remember how I used to go with him on occasions, have the helmet with the light, and watch the cars climbing up the tunnel through automatic doors carrying the copper after they made a series of underground explosions. Déjà vu.

My House Rocks!

The day here was very windy. But I mean VERY windy. We could watch from our back window the trees bending from the intensity and hear the wind blowing. We did not dare going outside today. The House rocked like a drunk donkey (Never heard of it before, but you get the idea, right?)) We folded all the slide-outs in to a very uncomfortable small space, but that’s better than finding wind damage tomorrow. According to the forecast it is going to get worse through the night, and continue until Saturday night. I need to try and get a short video of it so you get the feeling, Maybe tomorrow.
Both Patti and I worked most of the day on my computer. We closed the day with fish and carrot patties with Mexican rice that Patti has cooked for dinner. I love Patti’s food!

Looking forwards for tomorrow

Tomorrow we plan to meet with Al and Kelly here in town, looking foward to it. We don’t meet too many people and we don’t know too many of them either – we are just a beginners, but we are working on it and love any opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.

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