Jan 5, 2010

Arctic Chaos

So what do you think, Did I stick to the last revision of my plan for this week (I think it was plan Version 4.2a). Naaaah – I didn’t. But neither did the meteorologists, so as long as the forecast keep changing, so as my plan.

Good bye Jacob

Before I start my blog, I really want to tell you about Jacob.
Jacob This morning was very sad for me, after I found out that a good friend from L.A. passed away last night in a work accident at his rock shop, while unloading a container.
Jacob was one of those guys that always had a smile on his face. He loved life in every aspect shape and form. Just like me, he moved from Israel to the US, found his love, life and future in this land, and became a proud American citizen. Jacob had a Toy Hauler (5th) and loved to go out with his kids to the desert and just admire nature. We planned to go out together next month when I will get to the western part of the country, but this plan will never come to fruition.
Jacob – you will always be in my heart, I am going to miss you my friend.

Welcome Serena

On a whole different note – I would like to send a very warm welcome to Serena, a new follower to this blog. Serena is a retired Chef (you can guess – Patti already admires her) and would like to become a Full Timer herself. Serena – if you would like, you can contribute a special recipe from time to time – I will be happy to post it in this blog for all the readers.

Staying on the Peninsula. For now.

Tuesday, January 5, 2009 – So where were we?
Our original plan was to stay at the state park on Galveston island for another week, remember? This was Plan A.
Then, we thought that we don’t have much to see in this area, and decided to move west to Hill country. Plan B.
Next, we saw the weather forecast and the freezing temperature inland TX, and decided to go south to Corpus Christi. Plan C.
After reviewing the temperatures and the forecast for Thursday and Friday – the coldest expected days, it turned out that here, where we are – is actually going to be better, so again we modified the plan, and we are staying here till Friday, and then crossing the state as fast as we can to the west side, and having a stop at Big Bend. Plan D.
So this morning I went to the office to extend our stay here, and found out that the campground participate in Passport America club – and paid only 50% – that was a cool surprise. They even fixed the Internet, so I was told.

More Caching

We woke up to a big mess in the office. Not the paper mess, but many things to do, or re-do, just one one of those boring days. I thought – hey, this is our last decent day before it starts to get cold and we will be stuck in the RV. It is very easy for me to find excuse why we need to put work away, and get out to the nature. It wasn’t too hard to convince Patti either.
We got dressed and drove south to the Ferry. I was ready for the Dolphins, standing with my camera on the deck, but they did not come today. They just showed their fin and dived back in. Too cold outside, I guess. No Dolphins pictures today. Sorry.
GalvestonIsland 005But I did catch a one legged bird. The bird did not seem to care and was as active as all the other birds. She even sang a song, but I did not get the words.
The Caches today were tough in particular. They were both in the Moody Gardens. Later, we found out they were both hidden by the same person.
We looked for the first one for over 30 minutes and could not find anything. We decided that someone must have taken it, and gave up. We went to the second one, and the area where we thought the cache should have been was under construction and we could not get in. We gave up on this one too. So went back to the truck. I said– just before we leave, I would like to check the web-site to see when it was last found. And guess what – someone found it today!!

iPhone_GalvestonIsland 003 We went back and were determined to find the treasure. And we did find it! a small pill bottle hidden inside some vines. That was a tough one, it had 4 stars (out of 5) for difficulty. But we got it!.iPhone_GalvestonIsland 001

We went back to the other cache, which was on a mountain
GalvestonIsland 016
We found the hidden staircase that climbed right to the place where to cache was hidden.
GalvestonIsland 018
There stairs were on the other side of the mountain, and we simply missed them.
Even then, it took us some time to find this one.

GalvestonIsland 026
It started to get dark, and we started to head back to the campground. We stopped by the beach just to take couple more sunset pictures.
GalvestonIsland 034
We came back to the RV, ate dinner (Fish and Jambalaya)  and I sat down to write the blog. I think I just caught up with present. let’s see: Right now I am writing “Right now I am writing…”
Yap I  caught up


  1. Y'all are having soooo much fun!!! Cool pics!!! Stay warm...the deep freeze is coming!

  2. Oops...Serena/Hathaway...one in the same.

    I am so very sorry about your friend, Jacob! God bless his soul! Comfort to his family and to you.

    And, yes, I'll contribute recipes. Post at your discretion :)